Client Engagement Model

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ViitorCloud has been empowering business organizations worldwide with customized and innovative IT solutions for 6 years and proffers a broad array of engagement models to suit their unique requisites

Now you can outsource all your IT development requirements to ViitorCloud and engage with it the way that suits your business needs ideally as we, at ViitorCloud, offera broad array of engagement models. With core technical expertise and vast experience in developing bespoke IT solutions, we help you reduce your overheads and experience excellence oriented services with our uniquely designed client engagement models. So, now you can easily hire dedicated and seasoned developers who possess enriched development experience and have served a myriad of industry sectors with high quality technical solutions.
Fixed Model

Fixed Price Model

Fixed price engagement model, as the name defines, is an engagement scenario where we charge a fixed price for the services we offer based on the clear set of project deliverable defined for the project including the scope, objectives, budget and timelines defined for the project. This model ideally suits the entrepreneurs and SMBs who have clear and pre-defined objectives for the project. A well-defined scope for the project deliverables helps us to calculate the prices before the actual work begins on the project.

Advantages with this model:
  1. Pre-defined project scope and deliverables
  2. Fixed price for the project
  3. Fixed timelines
  4. Ideal for SMBs
  5. Well defined project objectives
  6. Suits the entrepreneurs

Time & Material Model

Perfectly suiting the requisites of complex projects, the Time & Material model is ideal for the scenarios where the development requirements are time and material bound. Under the requirements of this model, you can hire the dedicated developers from ViitorCloud on the hourly payment basis and thus, there is no need to define all the project requisites and scope before the beginning of the work. The project objectives and scope can be altered anytime during the work and you can utilize the skills of our experienced developers as per your business requisites.

Advantages with this model:
  1. Flexible working environment
  2. Pay per hour
  3. Steadfast developers working dedicatedly on your project
  4. Ideal fit for the maintenance projects
  5. Does not require pre-defined project scope or deliverables
  6. Perfect for complex projects
Offshore Development

Offshore Development Center

The offshore development model is the perfectly cost-effective model for the clients who need IT development solutions but do not want to hire an in-house team. Under this engagement model, you can associate with ViitorCloud whenever a new requisite comes in and we will leverage our resources to get your solutions developed in the most time-efficient manner. Based on the requirements of the project, you can hire the developers who will work in close association with you and directly under your supervision to ensure that you can monitor the progress of the project easily.

Advantages with this model:
  1. Does not require pre-defined project scope or deliverables
  2. Contemporary and advanced development infrastructure
  3. Dedicated developers for continuous development
  4. Direct monitoring of the project’s progress
  5. Steadfast developers working dedicatedly on your project
  6. Cost-effectiveness oriented engagement model

Client Testimonials

“Our Clients Love Working with Us”

I started working with team ViitorCloud 4 years ago and started with my company website and then our relationship blasted into outwards. They have amazing team of web development experts which resulted into completetion of successful projects. I trust them to deliver project on time and on budget.

Chandler Simpson

ViitorCloud sticks to deadlines. These guys have a very professional approach and that’s what I loved the most about them. I highly recommend them for all kinds of IT services and wish them all the best.

Guy Miretzky

ViitorCloud has a very flexible approach towards clients. They adjusted the business models as per my needs. They paid attention to every minute detail and demonstrated good knowledge during the development phase, which helped me a lot to make my product more valuable.

Xie Qing

Its really pleasant to work with ViitorCloud since last 3 years and the work is always on time and very cost effective. I give you lot of respect to ViitorCloud for earning this position in the industry because they work really hard. I highly recommend ViitorCloud as I am 100% satisfied with their work.

Diana Stanford

I outsourced my work of Secure Auction website to ViitorCloud Technologies. The best things I felt about them was, they carefully listened to the idea, I had in my mind and came up with exactly what I was looking for with few good ideas to give it a more professional touch.

Don Stolan

I have used web development services from team ViitorCloud Technologies and found myself always happy with the results. Their designers and developers are very reliable and good communicators. I really enjoyed working with them and recommend their services to anyone who is in need of web development.

Julie Sharpe

I have been now working with ViitorCloud since last 4 years for various website projects. From WordPress, CMS to Coding to Plugin to SEO and SEM, they deliver everything I need on time and every time. I highly recommend team VC.

Chris Markara