life @ VC

We build relationships

ViitorCloud is an IT outsourcing firm with a specialized focus in providing custom web & mobile application development & maintenance services for a wide range of clients all across the globe.

ViitorCloud is the coolest workplace where you not only come to work, but get a chance to build stronger relationships with your peers.

ViitorCloud is a global leader in the IT based development services and offers a broad array of solutions to transform & strengthen the business for its clients. But, simultaneously, we offer our valuable employees a workplace where they don't only work hard, but also indulge in different celebrations. We offer a warm and supportive work environment to our employees and help them de-stress by celebrating the birthdays, festivals and annual functions together. We offer a platform to our employees where they can unwind themselves and replenish to give optimum performances at work. Outings, adventure tourism and picnics are an integral part of ViitorCloud’s work culture.

Being one of the premier IT companies across India, ViitorCloud boasts a collaborative and supportive work culture. We value and foster a learning oriented environment where professionals can sharpen their skills and deliver optimized performances. We have a strong workforce of technical and other professionals who possess an unmatched set of skills, talents, qualifications and experience. As one of the fastest growing organizations, we help our employees to enhance their skill set while inviting the creative, seasoned professionals to become a part of our success. At ViitorCloud, we have developed a work culture that provides a positive and growth focused environment while encouraging the employees to be innovative, steadfast and committed to their work. We have always rewarded fresh ideas, out-of- the-box thinking and dedication, and will continue to do so in future as well.

  • Diversity

    We value diversity, as it enhances our ability to deliver the highest quality solutions to a wide array of clients hailing from diverse industrial niches. We are among the top companies which possess a diverse workforce and it helps us achieve our organizational goals. Bringing together and working with individuals with different perspectives, backgrounds and experiences is one of our strengths.

  • Equal Opportunity

    We are among the strongest supporters of equality and offer all our employees an equal opportunity to succeed by providing them access to the same set of resources. We foster a collaborative work environment where all our employees are given the opportunity to participate in the decision making and strategy formation process. We give them the right platform to develop their skills, enhance their experience, and achieve success.

  • Values

    Creating and delivering business value is one of our top priorities. We seek excellence in every project that we undertake and ensure that all our employees contribute positively to make every project a big success. Our employees understand our sincerity towards our clients and have always helped us to deliver excellence and outstanding results capable of creating business value for them.

  • Work with us

    We welcome the professionals from across the globe to work with us and we are always in quest of the people who are passionate about their work. If you are seeking a job in the field of IT development and look forward for a workplace where you can innovate with technology, you are welcome to join ViitorCloud. We support your desire to grow and learn.

  • Culture

    For most of our employees, ViitorCloud is not just their workplace, but a family where they love to work and have developed lasting relationships. Our organizational culture is synonymous with collaborative and supportive work environment where every team member is respected for their contribution and is motivated to deliver their best. At ViitorCloud, everyone feels valued, encouraged and supported.

  • Learning and Growth

    ViitorCloud follows its commitment to build strong and sustainable relationships with its employees completely. It offers an innovation driven and learning oriented work environment where all its employees get complete support from our management team and motivation to deliver your best whilst enhancing your skill set. Learning leads to growth, and we help you grow by fostering learning.