Key features

We equipped this project management system with the run time development support, created a dashboard with flexible statistics, and enabled multiple user login for each organization.

Key features
Project management
Business management
Human resource management
feedback management
leave management
  • Project reportingView trends for each workspace and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Task managementKnow who's working on what. Track task owners, status, and deadlines.
  • Project managementEverything you need to plan and manage a project from beginning to end.
  • Multiple assignmentNeed to share responsibility? You can assign a task to more than one person.


To meet the requisites of the project, we developed a comprehensive and efficient project management system which offers an ideal alternative to email based project management.

  • Seamless and easy to maintain B2B and B2C communications.
  • Facilitated easier project management, leave management and daily reporting.
  • Enabled access to the organization data in a centralised manner.
  • An effective medium to track the communications, VPM delivered hassle free project management to users.
  • Enabled access to flexible statistics through an easy to use dashboard.
  • Enabled easier to keep track of the assignments and check off the things when they are done.

Userflow for vpm

VPM is a Comprehensive tool for project management with the specific features which can enhance its functionality While ensuring simplicity in use

Our Methodology

From conception to strategy planning and flawless execution, we deliver the best web solutions.


We always begin every project with detailed planning and this is why, this is the first phase of development. We gain and put together deep delved information pertaining to the project, clients’ businesses, their business objectives and the specific requirements of the project. Once all the required data is accumulated, we start carving out a project plan that matches the stipulated development deadline.


After gathering all the required information, we begin developing an approach with the development team using which we will pursue with the project. We apply an advanced contemporary approach and ensure that all the custom requisites are addressed while there is a solution designed for all the challenges related to the project.


Once the approach has been finalized, we start working on the strategy for the project. We segregate the entire work into phases and design the milestones for the project. We also design the stages for the feedback and ensure that the client is actively involved during the development. After a strategy has been finalized, we initiate the development work on the project.

Development and Launch

Today, the website visitors use sophisticated devices to access the web and seek easily navigable websites & applications. By using the rich tools, advanced methodologies, contemporary technologies and unmatched capabilities of our devlopers, we deliver the solutions which are impeccable, incomparable and a perfect match for their custom requirements. Our team works dexterously during planning, development and until launch of the website while facilitating post-development support.

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