ViitorCloud is an IT outsourcing firm with a specialized focus in providing custom web & mobile application development & maintenance services for a wide range of clients all across the globe.

Founded, in 2009, by a team of thought leaders who brought in cumulative experience of about 50+ years, ViitorCloud gradually expanded its wings to own delivery centers in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in India, and in USA, Australia and UK, to extend seamless services to its customers in 20+ countries, spread across 4 continents. ViitorCloud is solution centric technology service provider with a proven capability, innovative thought process, next generation-future ready services, and competent human talent that can extend technology consulting and business solutions with measurable business value. ViitorCloud believes that delivering ‘innovative, adoptable and futuristic solutions’ is only possible through collaborative efforts by pulling in best talent and technology.

Agile methodology Chart

Agile methodology

Agile has become one of the top buzzwords in the IT development arena. Simply put, it is a way for effective management of IT projects and development teams. It is an iterative and time boxed approach in which any software or app is built incrementally right through the project, instead of focusing on delivering the complete product at once. The entire project is broken down into small incremental builds, which are then prioritized for beginning the development work and are delivered in iterations. As per Agile philosophy, every project is different and thus, must be handled uniquely in order to get the best results and shortest development time. So, the existing methods are tailored in the Agile methodology to suit the project requirements. Agile methodology enables the developers with the ability to respond easily to change for succeeding in a turbulent and uncertain environment.

Benefit with this model:

  1. Iterative and incremental development resulting in faster time to market
  2. Supports high degree collaboration between the project team and the client
  3. Supports features prioritization, collaborative iteration planning and frequent software builds
  4. No need to specify the complete set of requirements in the beginning
  1. Leads to customer satisfaction owing to rapid and continuous delivery
  2. Continuous attention to good design and technical excellence
  3. Ideal for software which need regular adaptation to the varying circumstances
  4. Cost effective model with a flexible approach
Scrum methodology Chart

Scrum methodology

Scrum is an integral part of the Agile development methodology and uses a similar approach to software development. It is known to have been derived from the Rugby football game and resembles the process that is followed to begin the match after a small contravention or infringement. The scrum framework for managing work and developing products begins with a structured and prioritized backlog comprising of a list of work which needs to be done. This list is put in order by the project team and the client. After the list is sorted, the project team moves forward towards completing the project by completing the short duration iterations referred as sprints. Each sprint spans between a duration of one to four weeks. By supporting the faster delivery of the scheduled tasks, it enables the project team to satisfy the aggressive deadlines in the projects. It is an ideal approach to time boxed projects which need to be completed within stringent deadlines.

Benefit with this model:

  1. It enables continual feedback on the completed sprints leading to better quality products
  2. By ensuring the task completion within deadlines, it results in higher client satisfaction
  3. Decreased time to market results in higher ROIs (Return On Investments)
  4. Keeping the clients and customers involved helps to achieve satisfied customers
  1. More relevant use of metrics for estimating time and cost of the project
  2. Scrum methodology paves the way for augmented project control
  3. Ideal for software which need completion within scheduled deadlines
  4. Cost effective model with a flexible approach

Advantage with Viitorcloud?

Inspired by "To accelerate success, we must get as close to our dreams as possible as soon as possible"by Richie Norton,we don't just deliver promises but also unforgettable experiences. By sharing our client's aspiration, we understand them and align our dynamics with their objectives-so that we can thrive mutually by contributing to the community.we understand them and align our dynamics with their objectives ...

  • Seasoned Developers
  • Industry Best Methodologies
  • Cost-Efficient Services
  • ISO 9001 Processes
  • Extensive Communication
  • Round the Clock Support
  • Avant-garde Development
  • Innovation-led Solutions
  • Lower TCOs
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Extensive Experience
  • Advanced Development Methodologies