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Posted On : 2nd August, 2022 by ViitorCloud

Choosing the best PHP framework for your projects is a crucial step in web development and Laravel provides the perfect features to be the preferred choice among all PHP frameworks. It is the most versatile programming language which is adaptable to both web app and mobile app development. It is an open-source high-end programming language, easy to grasp and assisted with community backing. It is great for both small scale and large scale business application development.


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Below mentioned are 10 reasons which make Laravel, the best PHP framework and why you should opt it for your application development projects as well:

  1. Secure framework and authentication

    Security is in-built into the Laravel framework which makes it one of the most reliable and safe systems. Passwords are never saved in straightforward texts but in the hashed password format. Any unauthorized entries into websites are seamlessly avoided due to its Bycrypt Hashing algorithm. At the same time, Laravel comes with pre-made SQL statements preventing any Code Injection attacks.

    It also comes with secure authentication and authorization control systems. Upon setting up the authentication system, Laravel automatically establishes components like user model, views and login controller. It becomes convenient for developers using the Laravel Socialite package which allows seamless integration and authentication through Twitter and Facebook.

  2. Pre-installed libraries

    Laravel is supported by Object-oriented and pre-installed libraries which allow monitoring, resetting, encryption systems and forgery detection mechanisms. A default feature called Eloquent ORM or Object Relationship Mapping helps in quicker recovery of required data. The ORM software depicts data as objects and enables interaction of database tables and modules. Eloquent establishes relationship between the tables when interlinking, which is an essential component. Compatibility problems relating to databases like SQL Server, SQLite and MySQL are also removed.

  3. Advanced command line interface

    The CLI of Laravel, known as Artisan, is an important tool which allows automation of repetitive, mundane or complex programming functions. Using a simple unitary command, web developers can obtain and manage data or MVC files with ease. Artisan commands can be customized or task-specific which also provides the flexibility of use. Regular tasks such as database migration, creation of models and developing database seeder or controllers, can also be undertaken with a number of commands.

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  5. Model-View-Controller architecture

    Laravel is based on a MVC structure which not only aids in development of large applications but also supports small projects or enterprises. The entire coding process becomes easier with Laravel as it is equipped to deal with unstructured codes. It is a low maintenance program, can quickly discover files and provide structured, logical solutions to programming problems.

  6. Migration of database

    One of the most promising features of Laravel is its ability of easy database migration. Laravel migration allows the developer to add, edit or delete records in the database without deleting the already existing records. The flow from one database to another becomes smooth with Laravel which also deals with any compatibility issues efficiently.

  7. In-built template engine

    Laravel’s template engine known as Blade is a powerful templating engine. It makes the procedure simpler along with requiring simple syntax writing. It comes with its personalized structure consisting of loops and conditional statements. Integration of conditional elements allows the logical segmentation of templates into structured boxes and eventually enable other modules to inherit them.

    Handling heavy textual data, using innovative layouts, displaying and designing becomes very easy with Blade, without hampering performance or speed. Being lightweight is an added advantage. Blade is an intuitive template engine with compatibility to PHP spaghetti and HTML and the content seeding component allows the creation of unique layouts.

  8. Task management and Scheduling

    Scheduling of important tasks, deferring certain tasks and managing functions like sending emails or clearing junk becomes organized and faster with Laravel’s Command Schedule. A clean API allows scheduling of tasks properly without the need for logging in every time, for periodical tasks. A single cron entry is required on the server, when utilizing the scheduler for executing established tasks.

  9. Ease of Unit Testing

    Unit Testing of all codes becomes mandatory for checking and maintaining quality standards. PHP provides a unit testing package called PHPUnit, which is utilized by the Laravel framework. Thus, applications can be evaluated beforehand for any issues or errors during development. The automation testing along with detection and prevention of regressions with the help of Artisan or Command line, is possible with Laravel.

  10. Automated Package Discovery mechanism

    Laravel is loaded with an Automatic Package discovery system which helps in installation of the software. It aids in detecting wanted and removing undesired features from the packages. Thus, this ensures easy and faster deployment of software to the users. The earlier versions of Laravel used to face compatibility issues but with improvement and updates, the latest versions come with seamless execution of APS.

  11. Strong community support

    Laravel community provides the much-needed support and expertise beneficial for beginners and professionals alike. Along with query solving and discussion forums, it also provides access to blog forums, Laracasts forum and certification. Another benefit of Laravel is that it is completely free and open-source. Latest modules and plugins are accessible to the developers. It also comes with a set of available online tutorials and resources. Thus, these features give freedom to the developers for better customization and manipulation.



Now, that we have seen the 10 rationales why to use Laravel as your PHP framework, we can understand that Laravel is the popular choice of web developers. This is because of its flexibility, out-of-the-box solutions and practical approach. Its Official packages such as Socialite, Scout, Passport and Horizon, to name a few, are effective mechanisms to make the web and mobile app development easier and resourceful. The multi-faceted nature of Laravel and a robust back-end network has led it to being used by more than 700 thousand websites. Therefore, Laravel is among the most advanced alternatives of PHP frameworks available out there.