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Posted On : 23rd August, 2016 by ViitorCloud

By the end of 2017, it is expected that the mobile app development industry will grow fives times faster as compared to the internal IT organizations’ capacity to deliver the mobile services. This clearly implies the rate at which the organisations are adopting the mobile apps and using them as the vital tools for business growth. The proliferation of new technologies such as IoT, Augmented Reality etc. is also actively contributing towards the exponential rise in the development and usage of mobile apps worldwide.

Mobiles have completely changed the consumerism landscape and have introduced many services which were unavailable a few years ago. Undoubtedly, a smart phone has become the best tools that people use to connect with their friends & family, to read the newspaper, to socialize, to communicate, to buy stuff ranging from apparels to groceries, to make decisions and to surf any information over the web. What made all this possible through a smart phone are the different mobile apps. While mobile apps are amongst the most resourceful tools used by companies for a myriad of purposes, at the same time, these apps are broadly used by people to make the day to day tasks convenient. Thus, not only the developers get motivation for innovating the apps, the acceptance from users also encourages them to serve quality-oriented apps which with enhanced scope.

Add-on Features Still Which Must Be Used by Mobile App Development Companies
Today, the mobile app development companies are engrossed in developing advanced and avant-garde apps. Nevrtheless, most of them use the up-to-the-minute technology to enhance the functionality and feature-richness of the apps. However, there are a few add-on features, which are being ignored by most of the app development companies leveraging which they can further enhance their offerings and improve their services.
Following are the 4 top-notch Add-On features which must be used by mobile app development companies.

1. Firebase App Indexing

The Firebase app Indexing allows the users to get re-engaged with the apps that are already installed on their mobile phones through a smooth integration with underlying Google Search. This implies that, if the app users are searching for a content related to the mobile app on the Google, they get an option to launch the app directly from the search results.

How is this tool useful for Mobile App Developers?

By leveraging the Firebase App Indexing SDK for driving the user engagement for the app, you not only enhance the chances of engaging the users with the app instead of getting engaged with Google search results, but also help enhance the rankings of your content in the search. It also improves the auto-completion options offered to the users based on your content.
Furthermore, researchers have exhibited that an average mobile user installs around 25 – 30 apps, but do not use 75% of their apps. This tool can help the users rediscover their app in the situations where those apps can be easily used.

2. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Owing to the screen size limitations on a mobile, reading on it can be a frustrating, clunky and slow experience on it. However, inconvenience in reading may discourage users from using some mobile apps. On the flip side, the mobile apps which offer better reading facilities may be preferred by users over the others. The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source initiative focused on helping the publishers to create the mobile optimized content only once, and load it anywhere instantly.

How is this tool useful for Mobile App Developers?

Slow page load time is one of the biggest page bounce reasons. As per a survey conducted, an average retail mobile site in the USA took 6.9 seconds to load in July, 2016 and as per the most recent data, 40% of the consumers would leave the page which takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
Using the AMP tool for the landing pages, these pages can be built in the AMP-HTML format and these pages will load much faster than the conventional landing pages. In addendum to this, the AMP tool helps the devlopers to develop mobile content with better readability which contributes towards the acceptance and popularity of a mobile app.

3. Use of Structured Data

The structured data mark-up is a different text-based organization of data, which makes search engines display the searched data in a highly organized and creative manner. Using structured data, the developers don’t just let the search engines crawl the site, but also make them truly understand it. By displaying extra and useful information in the search, structured data enhances the chances of a page being viewed by the users.

How is this tool useful for Mobile App Developers?

By marking up the content properties, the structured data enhances the Google’s understanding of the content in the mobile app. As a result, the users get better insights about what they are going to see and thus, the app developers can drive better traffic influxes. It is one of the best tools once can use for the SEO purposes of a mobile application.

4. Fire-base Analytics

An unlimited and free analytics solution, the Fire-base Analytics help the mobile app developers to gain insights into the mobile app usage pertaining to ad clicks, app usage and much more. Fire-base Analytics can deliver useful information about the behavior of users and it can be leveraged in many creative ways.

How is this tool useful for Mobile App Developers?

A tool with the capability to dig deeper into the customer behavior is highly useful for mobile app developers and Firebase Analytics helps the developers to understand how the app is being used by the users. The insights delivered by this tool can be used for improving the elements of the app and enhance the user experience. Thus, it is one f the best tools that can be leveraged to improve the app and make it successful on the basis of user’s behavior analysis.
Undoubtedly, the mobile apps are amongst the most powerful ways of connecting with your customers and driving the marketing efforts of your business forward. However, in order to be successful, it is vital to develop useful apps which are not just engrossing but prove resourceful to users. Apart from these, it’s also imperative to use the right set of tools which can enhance the acceptance of the apps among the users and contribute towards their resourcefulness. The aforementioned tools are the most ideal tools to achieve this.

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