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Posted On : 16th August, 2016 by ViitorCloud

Big Data is among the top buzzwords being used in the field of technology today. It describes the increasing volume data which is characterized by velocity, volume and variety, surrounding every aspect of our lives. Big Data is not an entity, but actually an idea that refers to the fact that nearly every human action in today’s data driven world can be quantified and logged in a data bank which is growing at an exponential rate.

How Big Data can Impact Digital Marketing?

The amount of Big Data being created and stored on the global level is not just colossal but inconceivable as well. With an ever growing Big Data, there is a great potential to glean key insights about customers and use for various business purposes. Digital Marketing is amongst the top aspects of businesses where Big Data can be leveraged in the most meaningful ways. Digital Marketing can use Big Data to:

  • Deliver insights about the customers of a business and their preferences
  • Perform behavioural analysis of the customers and derive information about their choices
  • Engage the customers by serving them what they want
  • Achieve customer retention and loyalty by serving the customers with personalized offers and superior services
  • Optimize the marketing efforts through continuous testing, measurement and analysis
How to find the Big Data?

While all the tech experts accentuate the fact that Big Data is being continuously collected and stored in data banks, most of the Digital Marketers wonder about the best sources of this data. All the Big Data sources offer huge collections of data, but, is vital to understand that which sources can be used for the maximum advantage and most useful data.

The competencies, challenges and capabilities associated with analysing and storing the Big Data make it important for the Digital Marketers to use the most legitimate and resourceful sources that can help them derive expedient insights in the least possible processing time. Here are the top 5 Big Data sources on which Digital Marketers can integrate into their marketing campaigns.

1. Web Mining

Web Mining refers to the data collected and compiled by mining the World Wide Web. This subsumes the automated processes of extracting and discovering information from the Web servers and documents, including mining the unstructured data. This data can include the information extracted from the browser activities, the one stored in the cookies, from the server logs, from the web documents and page content, etc. The link and structure of the website also offer a resourceful collection of worthwhile information.

This data can be collected and analysed to glean insights about what customers prefer to search on the web, and how much time they spend on different types of web pages. Undeniably, web mining offers a great deal of information about customers for performing behavioural and sentiment analysis.

2. Social Media

Social Media is indeed one of the best sources of Big Data as an average internet user spends around 2 – 2.5 hours each day on the social networking websites. Today, people use social networking websites and applications to connect with their friends and families. They discuss almost everything about their life on the social networking chats, check-ins, comments and status updates. What interests the business the most, is how the people share their opinions about the different products and services they are using, planning to use, are happy with, don’t like much etc. Thus, nothing can be a better source of Big Data than social media when it comes to using it for Digital Marketing.

The data collected from the social media can be accessed using the text-based search capability and natural language processing software, and the positive or negative nature of the phrases can be understood. By knowing about the genuine opinion of the customers, brands can design the personalized marketing campaigns.

3. Mobile

The largest surge in the Big Data volume is driven by Mobile. Not only the consumer usage patterns and smartphone penetration contribute towards Big Data accumulation, but the apps that are used by people on their phones and tablets, along with the services that run in the background continuously collect data and pass-on to the data banks. While it seems a little weird to the users that their smartphones are tracking the data and but, it’s completely true. The data in the form of the email ids, online cookies, social Ids, search engine queries, etc. can be used in various meaningful ways to support the digital marketing campaigns.

Behaviour analysis, sentiment analysis and much more can be done on the basis of this data, and it can also help the digital marketers to develop a digitally addressable set of customers whose preferences are known.

4. Activity Generated Data

The mobile devices, computers and several other devices supporting IoT, log files regularly with huge collections of data. This data often includes the sensor data, application logs, web site tracking information, device failure logs, location tracking information etc. While this is a machine generated content, but, it can deliver great insights about the behaviour of the people and the way they use different services. Soon, household appliances and vehicles will also start collecting data owing to their IoT connectivity.

These semi-structured text files can be leveraged by the Digital Marketing experts and analysts to generate valuable information about the customers and their prospects, and can later integrate the same in their marketing campaigns.

Big Data is bringing significant changes in the way people and organizations work, and is creating a data driven culture in which IT leaders can leverage Big Data to derive insights and make better decisions, capable of deepening the bond with customers, strengthening customer engagement, preventing frauds and threats, capitalizing new revenue sources and optimizing operations including digital marketing.

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