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Posted On : 30th November, 2015 by ViitorCloud

Gmail and Chrome are some of the best free products of Google. Though, people don’t use their full features. Most of the people use Gmail to just send/receive mails. On another end, in chrome you can install lots of free extensions to improve productivity of your work. There are number of free Chrome extensions available for Gmail also. Now, problem is to select best ones.

Here in this blog post, we have filtered five best free Chrome extensions for Gmail:
1) Mail2Cloud for Chrome | Revolutionizing Email

This free chrome extension is one of the best productive extensions for Gmail. Using Mail2Cloud, you can do so many things like email tracking, set email reminders, use reply time-out, schedule emails etc..Further, you can also send self destructing emails containing private or confidential information.

Using Save & Share feature of Mail2Cloud, mail can be converted into PDF and save it to your cloud storage box .

2) MailTrack for Gmail

People already aware about blue double-tick feature of WhatsApp. When someone reads your message, you could immediately find blue double-tick along with the message.

Similar kind of feature has been offered by MailTrack. You will be able to track your email messages by using double-check. Once you install this extension, you could access dedicated dashboard showing which messages haven’t been read yet. Using MailTrack, you can also see which messages have been read, how long ago, how many times and which device they were opened on.

You might find out ‘Sent with MailTrack’ signature added to all your email messages if you use MailTrack to track emails. You can remove this signature by upgrading to the pro account for $3.50 per month.

3) Rapportive

Everyone on Gmail don’t use detailed and informative signature so you have limited knowledge about your contacts because of it. You could try Google to find more information about your contact but It is not worth every time in terms of time and accuracy of information.

Rapportive solves this problem very well. It shows everything about contacts right inside your inbox. Rapportive displays your contact’s Linkedin profile’s public details in place of ads. It is one of the main advantages of using this social & communication extension. You get useful and valuable information about your contacts instead of ads.

4) Cloudy for Gmail

As the name suggests, Clody can integrate your Gmail account with major cloud service providers like SkyDrive, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive & Github. You can attach multiple files from these different cloud service providers in single mail. You can also attach photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr & Picasa.

This productivity extension is all about attaching files into your mail without leaving Gmail. Notes from EverNote could be attached using Cloudy. You can also search the web for images to attach from the Gmail.

5) WiseStamp – Email Signatures for Gmail

Using WiseStamp, you can create custom email signature without any restrictions. You can showcase your social media profiles, latest blog post/tweet, random quote, company logo and many other important things into your signature by using WiseStamp. WiseStamp helps you in creating beautiful signature in which you can add information you care about.