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Posted On : 2nd July, 2018 by ViitorCloud

Since the launch of Ionic in 2013, the open-source hybrid mobile app development framework has gained a lot of momentum due to the constant improvements in its performance and efficiency. The framework is regularly updated and has more than 30,000 stars on its GIT repository. The Ionic forum team on GitHub is active satisfactorily and as it is free to use for all, the popularity of this framework gradually increasing among its fan-base.

Choosing the right framework for your mobile app development plays a pivotal role in the process. Not just the framework, the technological trends too hold utmost importance which then decides its popularity. While it is important to pick the right technology, it is also important to hire the right mobile app developers. Ionic today has proved itself the right choice of framework for building hybrid mobile apps. A very simple and easy to use open-source framework, it creates powerful and feature-rich applications. Its impressive features are the result of the fact that it is HTML based and leverages the benefits of SASS and AngularJS. Hence it develops intuitive, powerful and robust mobile applications.

While developing an app in Ionic developer gets the chance to sharpen their skills in JavaScript, HTML, CSS and few more technologies. Its flexible interface makes the most of the reason for its popularity among the developers. All it requires to hire the Ionic developer with out-of-the-box skillsets for building your hybrid mobile application.

The huge popularity of Ionic makes it a leading platform for hybrid mobile app development. The blog features the technological trends of the Ionic app development framework, and the features which make it the top framework of the developer’s choice.


Platform Independent

There is less requirement of code rewriting in Ionic as the framework has mobile-optimized codes with JS, HTML and CSS. It leads with robust code structure as the framework integrates with AngularJS. This further makes the code structure more manageable. With this startups and businesses get the benefit of developing functionally rich apps at lower costs.


AngularJS built

The Ionic framework is built on AngularJS and is compatible with this open-source web application framework. This compatibility improves the feature-scope of this framework for hybrid mobile app development.

Developers can leverage the benefit of this compatibility and incorporate dynamic functionality in the mobile app development.


Best-in-class UI

Ionic along with the CSS and JavaScript features of AngularJS allows seamless customization of buttons, colors, menus and the themes. Their high standard of UI makes finest responsively designed mobile applications. For every business, UI sets the success path of their mobile application. Ionic here defines the app UI very authentic and user-friendly.


Cordova Plugin

Ionic framework has a plugin called Cordova, which features easy customization for the native range of mobile phones. With Cordova Plugin developers get easy access to permission of features like, geolocation, camera, speaker, battery, etc. in a mobile app. The plugins play an eminent role in creating a feature-packed successful mobile app using Ionic.


Open Source & Stable

There is, however, a myth associated with Ionic, that being an open source framework, it lacks in quality and stability. But Ionic stand apart from these myths and creates a breakthrough in the mobile app technology innovations with its features. It is a proven stable open-source framework, and a lot of developers deny the myths associated with Ionic. With a robust CLI, Command Line Interface, it has a great collection of UI elements, layouts and animations. Also, the quality and features it offers are rare to find in any paid framework.

The developing and testing of Ionic’s Android and iOS version goes hand-in-hand, so the source code gets quickly updated when a change is made during development or testing. The Icon library is a pool of numerous icons and has top-notch rich documentation.

With the recently launched Ionic Push service, native push notifications are sent by Ionic applications to devices limitless of the platforms.



For any developer or a business, Ionic is a superior choice of hybrid mobile app development. Ionic has best-in-class components which facilitate highly functional and interactive feature-rich mobile apps. For a business considering mobile app development in a budget, hire Ionic developers and be on the top of your game.