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Posted On : 31st January, 2018 by ViitorCloud

2018 has just arrived, and everyone is looking ahead to the significance of web development industry. Web applications over the past few years have been shifting to a minimalistic approach and appear considerably consistent now. However, a few new stimulating and promising trends will outshine in 2018.

There has been an unprecedented growth in the world of web development, in the past few years, numerous businesses have shifted online. They are mostly involved in manifesting their business competence in the web development sector through varied of available sources.

Web development perpetually changes and gets advanced with new trends. Every year the new additions to the web development trends enhance the user-experience and the online business growth. The blog post features the latest web development trends that will excel in 2018,

Internet of Things

Iot not only in 2018 but will continue to rule for several coming years. Thus, the notion in which numerous devices inclusive of wearable devices, household, are linked to the internet. IoT not only efficiently runs our task but save time and productivity of the user.

Accordingly, in web development and businesses, IoT seems to be very advantageous for the owners to operate and manage their business task effortlessly with the minimum time and monetary investment. A leading market research company, Technavio published a report that stats, the Global IoT market will grow at a CAGR of 31.72% between 2014-2019.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence attributes the technological advancement that enables us to make our artefacts think and function as intelligent human beings. Google and Facebook in 2017 successfully implemented AI to enhance the user experience of their users.

The influence of AI is so tremendous that various apps created these days are based on Artificial Intelligence that can act similar to the humans. Accordingly, it can be supposed in the following years as well that can help the website and app

developers to deliver a highly functional website that can drive the user-experience of the visitors a step advancing their expectations.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality will remain on the edge of the of the 2018’s web development trends. It is an artificial computer-generated response to a situation. Virtual reality has grown immensely popular in the gaming industry. Plenty of game developers and coders practice this leading-edge technology to enhance the user experience. Virtual reality experiences are now possible with VRML – Virtual Reality Modeling Language. Hence, this trend will continue to shine in 2018.

Parallax effects

If you seek to enhance the user-experience of your website, then building the illusion of depth is the excellent way to allure your customers. Parallax effect applies to the visual effects coupled with 2D scrolling. Consequently, Parallax effect successfully improves user-engagement.

Static Site Generator

Another trend is Static Site Generator, which in 2018 is highly expected to rule in the web development sector. Static site generator efficiently converts plain text into static websites or the blogs. Also, this enhances the website regarding performance and speed.


The bottom line is above being the five trends that are expected to outshine in 2018. All you need to do is blend your business with these cutting-edge technologies of 2018 to ensure you don’t miss out on your customers. So, leverage these trends in 2018 to be at the top of your web development game. Looking for an innovative and reliable web development company which can help you to get more clients for your business? Then, you are on the right page. With our expert team of professional web developers, we can help you leading website development services at cost-effective rates.