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Posted On : 26th July, 2022 by ViitorCloud

Angular is a type-script based platform and framework which is free and open-source that is used for creating scalable web . Introduced by Google in 2009, it has all the features to be the perfect choice for businesses and developers alike. Due to its stable yet dynamic components, Angular has been considered the best for enterprise application development and their internal processes. It has a declarative and intuitive UI which makes the job easier for developers. Some leading enterprises which have utilized Angular are Forbes, Upwork and Gmail, to name a few. Angular hence helps these businesses to create both mobile and web applications to reach a wider audience and experience personal growth as well.


Why is Angular so popular in modern application development?

Building of robust web applications becomes easy with Angular due to a fast, efficient, integrated, secure and cross-platform framework. This makes it very popular among enterprises who wish to modernize their systems with the changing times. It is also considered great for ERP projects in Java. Paypal, The Guardian, Freelancer, Netflix, Microsoft and even Linked In utilize the Angular framework for web development in some form or the other. In the Stack Overflow’s Developer survey, Angular stood second in the most-used web frameworks by professional developers, where more than 30% used it for application development.


5 reasons why Angular is best:

  1. Typescript language

    Coding in typescript language has the advantage of better security as it allows faster identification and debugging of errors. It helps in saving time and energy as static typing enables instant bug checking without the need for starting from the beginning. It not only comes with backward compatibility but also is adaptable to newer versions. It’s advanced tooling components make maintenance and navigation easier and smoother. The entire Typescript coding can be compiled with JavaScript and run on any platform with ease.

  2. Simple Command line interface

    Angular’s CLI aids in process automation and makes adding of latest features to the enterprise application, a lot easier and quicker. Updates and testing through simple and limited number of commands makes the Angular interface a popular choice. It also works great for heavy or large applications through its end-to-end unit testing facility and effective application configurations. Angular also uses Jasmine testing framework that enables writing of a number of test cases using varied modalities and functionalities. The Angular CLI, IDEs and advanced template syntax increase the productivity of any application. This also makes it easily scalable.

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  4. Clean API with Component-based architecture

    Angular web development is based on a component-based framework which acts like a component tree, providing a clean API due to the organized and streamlined structure. It supports reusability of codes and developers can utilize the same codes for other processes which require the same or similar functionalities. This is not only time efficient but also reduces repetitive workload for the enterprise application developers.

    Angular is even easy to maintain, change and add features as manipulation of the components is a fairly straightforward process. Replacement of undesired or outdated features with updated versions is hassle-free and adds to a clean interface.

  5. Angular Universal Service, Angular Design and Angular Material

    Server-side rendering with the help of Angular Universal framework aids in providing a higher web page ranking via search engine optimization and assists in bringing more traffic to your enterprise application. Angular Universal, also reduces the loading time, improving mobile performance, in addition to not being rendered on a client browser.

    Ivy renderer in Angular helps in translating the app components into a browser-friendly display. A method known as ‘tree shaking’ helps in elimination of unwanted codes making the application lighter and quicker. Business enterprise applications thus, are made compact yet powerful.

    Interface designing becomes aesthetic and user-friendly with Angular Design which provides a set of efficient guidelines for design. It includes a compilation of the best practices developed through intensive research.

    At the same time, Angular Material provides the required resources which aid in creating design layouts, buttons and navigational elements. It gives set of versatile pre-built interface components that make the enterprise application development process faster and efficient.

  6. Data binding with PWA

    Under Angular, the data binding process allows the developers to manage web page elements using a web browser. This doesn’t need complex programming and uses basic HTML for scripting. It is utilized in creation of interactive modules such as forums, tutorials and gaming etc, which can prove beneficial to enterprise applications. Even if huge amounts of data are involved, data binding ensures improving display systems. Angular is based on two-way data binding which ensures that changes in the model state is reflected in the UI components and vice versa.

    Angular progressive web application or PWA is a cost-effective solution which further helps in replicating the interactive modules above and aid websites to resemble mobile applications as well. Utilizing PWA therefore assists in preserving bandwidth and working smoothly.

    Along with the above extrapolated benefits of using Angular, there are other reasons such as consistent coding leading to reduced time-to-market process. It is also cost-effective, making it preferable for startups and small enterprises. The organized and segregated structure of Angular further improves functionality and productivity, through divisions. One major advantage of Angular is that it is backed by Google which provides long-term support and this increases its credibility and optimism for the future.



The above-mentioned reasons make Angular an ideal solution for varied enterprises which can be utilized by social apps, e-commerce apps, streaming apps and even mobile applications. Angular is versatile and flexible that can be used by small scale and large -scale businesses both including startups. It provides high speed and performance along with enhanced productivity. It is a cross-platform framework with full development potential and simplifies the entire development procedure. Lastly, due to being supported by Google and having a robust, stable and holistic ecosystem, Angular is the future of enterprise application development.