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Posted On : 21st October, 2016 by ViitorCloud

Marketing has always been one of the biggest challenges for the businesses and is among the most vital aspects for a brand’s success. While there are a multiple ways to market your products and services, it’s important for every organization to use the marketing campaigns which are better at propagating the right message to the targeted audiences. Thus, depending on the type of business and the products / services being marketed, the marketing channel is chosen, but there are a few marketing tools which can be easily deployed for any type of business to generate measurable results. One such marketing tool is the formulation of an email marketing strategy.

In today’s digitally dominated world, email marketing is an internet based medium which delivers the direct messages to the targeted audience, and offers potentially higher chances of the messages being getting read by the recipients. Email marketing also offers an astounding way to stay connected with your customers and create a loyal relationship between the brand the customer.

Benefits of Email Marketing

With the exponential reach and the overwhelming breakthrough of the mobile marketing, social media and search engine optimization, many people have started to ignore the email marketing. But, email marketing offers a vast array of benefits at much lower cost which other digital marketing strategies fail to deliver on the same budget.
Furthermore, emails are more successful in creating a deeper and strengthened relationship with wider audiences while driving better return on investment. The salient benefits delivered by Email marketing include:
• Email marketing completely eradicates the problems which are often encountered by non-targeted marketing strategies
• Email marketing is quite successful at enhancing the brand awareness
• Emails IDs are easily available as compared to other personal contact details, and thus, it’s easier to reach the target audience
• The results of email marketing are measurable
• The overall cost of running an email marketing campaign is quite less as compared to other digital marketing campaigns

How to Ensure Success in Email Marketing?

If you want to leverage the benefits offered by Email marketing, it’s important that you follow the industry best practices to ensure that your marketing campaigns delivers quantifiable results.
Here are the top 7 email marketing strategies and best practices which you must follow to ensure success.

Use a Clear Subject Line

When sending promotional or marketing based emails to the clients, it’s always good to use lucid subject lines which can give an overview of the contents of the email to the reader, explain what benefits they can get by reading the email. Such subject lines are capable of creating an immediate emotion, whether urgency, curiosity or the feeling of getting benefited.

Begin With an Objective

Before indulging in an exhaustive email oriented marketing campaign, it’s important that you understand what your cardinal objective is and exactly what type of response you want to be generated through the emails. While most of the people focus only on making the subject lines as lucrative as possible, but, sometimes, it creates a disconnection from the main contents of the email. It’s vital that your objective clearly stands out in both, the subject line and the contents of the email. Always give the highest significance to your objective and align every other aspect of email marketing campaign with it.

Give Significance to Concerns of Your Audience

Most people don’t open the promotional emails as they don’t feel the need to do it. However, if you can design a creative subject line in a way that it generates an emotion, such as curiosity or make the audience feel that you have clearly understood their concerns, it will help you get the attention of your potential customers. Being empathetic about the issues, concerns and the needs of your target audience is one of the best ways to create results-oriented email campaigns which will be valuable to both, you as well as your customers.

Use Email Marketing For the Right Purpose

It is always a good idea to use the right tools for apt purposes. For instance, the social media is one of the best platforms to listen to what your customers are talking about and to interact with them through comments and replies. Similarly, email marketing offers unsurpassed ways for building brand awareness, increasing web site traffic, strengthening customer relationships, and generating leads. Thus, ensure that you design your email marketing campaigns with the aforementioned results into consideration.

Choose the Right Format for the Email Content

While rich media and HTML messages which include animation, video or audio generate a much higher number of response rates, but, it’s quite important to include the text version of the content for the recipients who prefer to receive only text messages. Ensure that there is ample of white space and your message is not too much crowded with content.

Always Include A Call To Action

A “Call To Action” in an email is as important as the content of the message or the subject line. The CTA (Call To Action) is the response of the reader towards the email. If the reader gets attracted to the message or find it useful, they will click the CTA button to explore the given offers or advertised services even further. Also ensure that the landing page where the CTA leads the reader to, is highly engaging.

Monitor and Assess the Results

Seeing and monitoring the results of your email marketing campaign is quite important. By monitoring the results, you would be able to get the information about how many people received your email, how many of them actually opened it and clicked on the content of the email. There are several email service providers who provide a wide spectrum of features capable of revealing detailed information and let you dig deeper into the analytics.

As a vast number of businesses and brands are using email marketing campaigns, it’s quite difficult to get your message and the email seen above your competitors’ or counterparts’ messages. But, if you do it right, it can prove as an incredibly valuable tool for not just propagating your message and delivering it right in the hands of your prospect, but for making your potential & existing customers to learn more about your brand, offers, and services. Also, emails can’t be beaten by any other digital marketing strategy in building strong relationships with the customers.

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