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Posted On : 17th December, 2016 by ViitorCloud

Android Nougat 7.0 is the latest version of the Android mobile OS, which offers a plethora of wonderful features that make it one of the best Android releases till date. The Android Nougat 7.0 made its debut on the Nexus devices a couple of months back, which are often the first ones to receive and test Android OS updates. Nougat is loaded with a lot of refinements that are aimed at improving the overall experience for the Android patrons. While there are some obvious changes which significantly improve the Android’s functionality, there are some less visible changes as well, which can prove quite useful for the mobile app developers in developing pioneering and richer Android apps.

What’s New In Android Nougat 7.0?

The much awaited Android Nougat 7.0 is here and it has brought some good news for the mobile app developers who are always in the search of the new features that they can leverage in order to offer their customers better and richer mobile apps. Nougat 7.0 will not disappoint the app developers as it facilitates several major improvements over its predecessor – Marshmallow, along with some commendable usability changes. While Nougat 7.0 does not offers the same dramatic visual overhaul which the Android lollipop versions delivered, but there are many other changes which can be smartly used in the apps to make them more useful and efficient. 7 Android Nougat Features Which Will Help in Boosting The Mobile Applications:

Split Screen Mode

By providing access to the split screen mode, the Android has made it more convenient for its users to indulge in multitasking and open two different mobile apps simultaneously. The dividing line between the apps can be dragged easily to resize the space used by each opened app on the screen.
This feature is quite helpful for the app developers as it significantly reduces the need to infuse extensive functionality in an application in order to make it support multitasking. Now the ready made solution for multitasking exists, and thus, the developers can focus on the app’s cardinal function. It will also help in reducing the development costs.

New Emoji

The Android 7.0 features over 1500 different emoji, and some of these can change the skin colour to signify the different races. While it is a feature that is loved by the users as they get more ways to express their thoughts, it also offers a great potential for the emoji based applications. The opportunities for the emoji apps have increased considerably. Also, the app creators can now use emoji as the additional elements in their app’s push notifications to attract the users.


The improvements in the notifications introduced by Nougat 7.0 make the development of app notifications much easier. The developers can now easily style their app notifications, configure conversation title & the messages and make changes in the content view. Furthermore, for the real time communication applications, inline replies are now being supported and thus, the users can reply to a message directly from the notifications.

For app developers, the updated notifications can serve as a great way to retain the app users and give them incredible ease in using the app. Moreover, the improved notifications will act as an additional point of interaction between the app devlopers and its users. So, these can be customised in multiple ways to attract the interest of the users.

Limited Internet Traffic When Connected to Data Server

The new data saver feature offered by the Android Nougat 7.0 stops the apps from sending or receiving data when the device is connected to the mobile data. When the user turns on the data saver mode, the device does not allow sending network requests to all the apps working in the device’s background mode and which are excluded from the whitelist.

While this feature does not directly helps the app developers, but it indirectly influences the app engagement. It helps an app to effectively perform its tasks and save data from being used unnecessarily.

Display Size Change

Android users now have the opportunity to increase the size of the entities being displayed on their device’s screen. Not only the font size of the text, but you can also change the size of the icons, buttons, controls and other elements being displayed on the screen.

The app developers can leverage this feature for the utility apps to deliver their users an incredible set of apps with an option to increase the size of the displayed items.

Changes to Underlying File System Permission

Taking a step forward towards device’s security, the Android Nougat 7.0 introduces a significant improvement in the private directory protection. This setting aids in preventing the leakage of the metadata of the private files stored in an Android device.

This feature ensures that the different apps are not able to access the personal information of the user. This implies that the apps do not possess the permission to know that whether there is a file located in your private directory or not.

Before the Android Nougat, the mobile apps were capable of modifying the permissions to their individual files located inside the private directory. Now, when you have upgraded to the Android Nougat, an app may crash while trying to send or share a private file with another app. So, the business apps can now use the added security to enable their app with advanced features.

Quick Setting Titles

With Android Nougat, you can expand the quick settings panel by swiping down twice from the top of the device’s screen to. Moreover, the users can add new titles to this Quick settings menu without any hassles. Not only users can put additional tiles on the menu, but can also control the set along with the placement of the elements on the panel.

Owing to the availability of the open APIs, it’s now possible to add to mobile apps the setting for creating the custom tiles for the quick settings menu. It also eliminates the requirement of any integration with the specific apps, unlike the earlier versions of the operating system. With this, the users get the access to the actions and the key controls in the app.

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