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Posted On : 13th October, 2016 by ViitorCloud

Developing a mobile app successfully is much more than simply coding the app and further, submitting it to the respective mobile app store. A developer needs to consider a broad array of vital aspects for developing an app that can ideally satisfy the requirements of the users.

With the proliferation of the smart devices, the way we use technology and complete a wide array of day to day tasks have been completely changed. People have started relying more on their mobile phones and tablets, and use them to access internet, check their emails, connect with people on social media, shopping, paying utility bills, completing a lot of professional tasks and much more.

How smartphones and tablets are impacting our lives?

Today, the world has not only shrunken but has become more technology driven. Right from the time you wake up till the time you sleep, you use your smart phone multiple times. Whether it is setting an alarm for the morning, replying an official email, purchasing a pair of shoes or transacting cash through internet banking, we perform all the tasks from our mobile. As a result, the mobile are slowly replacing the alarm clocks, off-line brick & mortar stores and eliminating the need to physically walk into a bank in order to get the tasks done.

With such reliance on the smart phones and tablets, the mobile app developers have got a plethora of opportunities to develop innovative apps which can ease some day to day tasks or engage the users. While some mobile developers are exceptionally successful in developing incredible apps delivering measurable results and generating colossal revenue, many others fail at developing engrossing apps. This post will share the vital resources which the mobile app developers can leverage in order to develop successful and captivating mobile apps.

Mobile App developer resources which you should know about
Hockey-app – An App Development Service

If you are developing an application and are a minimalist, then Hockey-app is perfect for you. If inducing only a few libraries in the code is your aim, you can use Hockey-app. It handles the app analytics, tells you about the app crashes, helps you access the user feedback and even aids in managing the beta testing.

After releasing the app, if you have started getting some negative feedback about a few of the app features, then Switch can help in letting you fix the bug while the users are using it. With the help of “switch”, you can turn off the particular feature which is creating problems. Once the issue is fixed, you can turn the feature on again.

Content – For remote update of App Content

This is an incredible resource which lets you change some content or image in the app without making any change in the code, you can use “Content”. Basically, it is like the “WordPress” for your mobile app. Any changes made to the content are updated instantly in the app.

Pop – Paper App Prototyping

Sometimes, the developers face the lack of time to get the app idea into a big prototyping app. So, when you lack the time, simply draw it on the paper. Once you draw it on the paper, click pictures and use Pop for simulating the screen flow.

App-thwack – Automated App Testing
Thorough testing of the mobile app ensures it will deliver flawless performance. App-thwack allows the mobile app developers to test their mobile apps on the real devices, with the diverse carriers to ensure that the app does not have any performance issues.

Opacity – Develop Unique Graphics for Your App

Opacity is an app which helps you to build on-screen graphics for your app, such as app icon. Using this app, you can easily develop great looking icons without the help of graphic developers.

Deployment – Identifying the Deprecated App Code

The apps possessing the old APIs can easily crash easily. Thus, it’s important that you ensure that there is no old code in your app. Deployment is an amazing resource that easily identifies the deprecated code in your app, and sniff out all the old API code. However, this tool only works on iOS.

Reveal App – Inspecting, Modifying and Debugging Code

If you simply hate debugging the apps, you can use this iOS tool which makes debugging a great fun. It displays the app’s hierarchy in 2D and 3D, while making it easier to identify, modify and debug the code.

Gamasutra – Marketing the Mobile App Efficiently

Undeniably, no other activity can help you make your app successful as a marketing tool. Gamasutra is one of the best mobile app marketing tools. It graciously takes you through the entire process of talking to the press for getting the app downloads which you need.

The aforementioned resources can greatly help the app developers save considerable time, and get a lot of app development tasks done with ease. Undoubtedly, these resources can help you succeed in your mobile app development venture.

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