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Posted On : 30th December, 2015 by ViitorCloud

Christmas has already passed. Now, we are only few days away from 2016. You may find out lots of articles about Year in Review all over the internet. Last week, we published SlideShare presentation about top 15 updates and features of Facebook in 2015.

Today, we come up with one more such Year-in-review kind of post. This time, we have selected Twitter as a topic. You might have noticed lots of changes, updates and new features if you have used Twitter frequently in 2015. Some of such features were remained unused by users as they don’t have enough information about these features.

In this article and embedded SlideShare presentation, we have listed and explained top 10 Twitter updates of the year 2015.

So, it’s time to discover most important Twitter updates of 2015. Don’t just read about below given new Twitter features, we recommend to use them regularly to effectively use Twitter as a regular user as well as a digital marketer:

  • Now, you can able to retweet any tweet by using more than 140+ characters.
  • Get a quick snapshot of what is happening in your Twitter world with ‘While you were away…’
  • Direct messages become more easy to have private conversations with any Twitter user.
  • You can find out more tweets about your favourite topic in Google Search.
  • It become easy to follow complex conversations around one tweet.
  • Twitter now supports Auto-play videos.
  • You can able to add your birth-date to your Twitter profile.
  • Twitter have introduced new dashboard to effectively manage & monitor your account from single place.
  • Users can create polls on Twitter.
  • Star icon has been replaced with Heart icon and Favourites have been called as Likes. (2015’s most heartbreaking Twitter feature)

To learn more about above given updates, you can have a look at our SlideShare presentation: