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Posted On : 3rd May, 2021 by ViitorCloud

Augmented Reality (AR) has become a trending topic in the tech sector for quite some time now. AR is a disruptive technology that has had a significant influence on several industries. Almost all the top brands and businesses are leveraging or are at least planning to leverage AR to increase user engagement. Events and gatherings provide a perfect platform for experimenting with augmented reality. Events deliver a novel chance to combine the digital and real worlds for those who attend them. You may wonder why there is so much fuss about AR! What exactly is Augmented reality? And how can we use it for event planning?

AR means attaching something more to the real-world with the help of technology using a smartphone application or a pair of smart eyeglasses. With AR, you being a viewer, you are not completely absorbed in a new world. Visualizations communicate with the physical places nearby, and you can communicate with those digital backgrounds. You can put Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the same group but both these technologies are very different from one another. AR integrates Global Positioning System (GPS) and the smartphone camera to project data and pictures upon the physical world. VR takes the user into an entirely virtual universe. You may have played or at least heard about the AR-based game, Pokemon Go. This disruptive technology became the talk of the town in 2016 when this game got popular. It gave a real-time experience to hunt for pokemon in the real world. Ever since then, AR is widely used by brands to increase customer engagement.

Apple adopted this technology with its iPhone 8 + and iPhone X model. Both these models have inbuilt ARkit software that lets you build AR applications. Similarly, Google has ARcore that changed the way we see Augmented Reality. At various events such as meetings, gatherings and conferences, you can leverage AR to present a real-life experience for all the users. This will boost brand engagement and also enhance the way you interact and market your brand at events. So, you can Hire augmented reality developer, who can help you develop Augmented Reality applications.


How do event organizers use AR?

  1. Letting attendees interact and connect.

    The advantage of efficient networking for any event is known to every event coordinator. AR can enhance the event experience by providing a unique, real-like and unusual experience to its ttendees. Imagine for an event, if only you could display each of the attendee’s professional data right above their heads. Or else present the topics on which each of the attendees may want to discuss. All of this is possible with Augmented Reality. An event organizer should consider doing this as this will enhance the user interest and help engage your audience. Thus, making the event a success.

    Say you have a product that you wish to showcase at an event. But due to certain space restrictions, you cannot do it. Like in the case of cars where you may need a lot of space to display just one model. This will cost you a lot and hence be impractical too. That is exactly where AR can help you. Attendees can have a 360-degree real-life view and check all the content of the model on a smartphone, tablet or by using smart eyeglasses. So you see how AR solves such problems so easily. So you see how AR solves such problems so easily.

    You can even consider having an AR mirror at your event. It is highly effective in attracting attendees to your counter. The photo booth lets observers view themselves as an image with augmented parts joined in. This is especially useful for beauty brands. The visitors can try on a few cosmetics by simply standing in front of a mirror and seeing if they like them or not.


  2. Gaming at events.

    You like to play games, don’t you? Well, who doesn’t!

    Games are a popular way of engaging your audience. With the advancements in technology, the gaming experience has enhanced a lot too. You can make any event more enjoyable by incorporating games into it. Augmented Reality brings an entirely new imaginative avenue to the way we interact at events. The event manager can organize multiplayer games, or maybe have a friendly match between the attendees.

    Having games at any event will help you properly and successfully market your product to a potential audience. That way it will be more fun and informative as well. Introducing interactive games at events helps increase user engagement which in turn is beneficial for the brand. It provides a great way to network in a fun way. So, do consider gamification for your next event. You will surely benefit from it.

  3. Virtual tours for attendees.

    How will you feel if you can take a virtual tour of the place that you always wanted to visit but was in some other continent you could not travel to due to your work schedule?

    With Augmented Reality, event organizers can now provide virtual tours for all the attendees at the event venue or at the comfort of your home itself. They now do not have to arrange for an actual visit to the site. Also, virtual tours help save a lot of money for the organizers as well as for the visitors. The event organizers now do not have to hire extra staff for managing the crowd. Also, the attendees do not need to spend extra money and time travelling to the actual sites. Augmented Reality can also be used for providing venue mapping solutions.

    Using Augmented Reality at events is the best way in which you can engage and educate your audience about your brand and business. It is the best way in which the users can get an almost real experience and the feel of the product. If you are truly serious about increasing your brand engagement then you should Hire AR developer. We have an expert team of Augmented Reality developers who can help you with your AR needs. Do get in touch with us for all your AR needs.