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Posted On : 22nd June, 2021 by ViitorCloud

Nowadays, however small or big business you may have, you need a website for that. A lot of potential buyers won’t take it seriously if your brand has no official website of its own. The biggest and obvious benefit of having an official website for a small or micro business is it enables people around the globe to have a look at your products and services. Also, it makes it easier for them to get in touch with you. Having a great website will also help you generate more sales that would have otherwise not been possible. If you don’t know anything
about developing a website you can Hire website developer and build the perfect website within your budget that suits your needs.


Following are the top 15 benefits of having a website for small/ startup business.


  1. You Can Grow your digital presence.

    In recent times, whenever people hear about your brand, they tend to look for it online. If you don’t have an official website or a social media presence, you risk losing out on a lot of potential customers. Most importantly, a website will help people understand your business model and it also makes it easier for them to contact you in case they have any queries.

  2. You get to target the clients in your neighbourhood.

    A majority of the people look up for shops or services near their apartment or office when they have to make a particular purchase. Say, you want to get a salon service and you are new in your neighborhood. So, you will get online and check for the best salons in your vicinity. If Google puts up your website in the top search results, you have the chance of getting some extra business.

  3. You get to share your contact details with potential clients.

    It will be very bad for you and your business, that a customer knows about your business but has no means of reaching out to you. Technically your website should have all the contact details including, your contact number, email id, registered company address, local address, along with other important contact details. You may also consider including a map of the area on your website so that people can find you easily.

  4. Your customers can resolve their queries online.

    It is easier to solve queries online than over the phone. The reason is simple. For a small business or a startup with limited manpower, it will be difficult to handle a lot of people contacting you at once via phone. But, if you get the same number of queries on an email, you will be able to handle it well. You can reply to them as and when you have time.

  5. Avoid spending money on paper advertisements.

    A few years back, advertising your brand meant handing out flyers, pamphlets, putting advertisements in the newspaper or on a TV channel. With the internet, you have many new ways in which you can advertise your brand and reach a potential audience. You can choose not to spend money on paid ads, and enhance your outreach by focusing on SEO techniques to generate leads through organic search. You can run a few offers on your website which might interest your visitors.

  6. Build a great online reputation with quality content.

    You can increase the user engagement for your website by giving out free good quality educational content. Through content marketing, you not just seem like a specialist in your discipline, but it also helps create goodwill. Many successful businesses and brands do this as a way of giving back to the community. Sharing the latest news and putting educational posts on your website will go a long way to building a good online image

  7. You get to know about your customers and their preferences.

    Websites provide a great platform not just for sharing your brand information, but for also learning about your clients. You can put a few polls on your website and get an idea of what your clients expect from you. You can even use online tools that can give you a detailed analysis of how the users behave. Google Analytics can be used to understand how exactly users behave.

  8. Post about career opportunities and hire great talent.

    Hiring a great workforce for your business is very important. You should post about the job openings on your website, as it directly reaches people who are actually wanting to work with you. When a potential candidate applies for a job on your website, you can immediately hire them if your criteria are met.

  9. You can create personalized email addresses for your employees using your website name.

    A personalized email address with the website name looks more professional than the usual ones. For example, [email protected] looks better and more professional as compared to [email protected] Some may think of it as a very small thing to consider. But having an official email id with the company name does give an impression to the clients that you are in fact running a professional business.

  10. Expand your outreach.

    A small business generally gets local customers who know about the products that you have to offer. And they may come back for more. In short, a small business has limited consumers. If a small business goes online and sets up an official website, then their chances of reaching a wider consumer base increases. That way you will be able to get more business from not just your local area but also from outside.

  11. Sell your products or services online.

    Having an online store in addition to an offline one means doubling your sales. Who doesn’t want that? With an online platform for shopping, you get to make sales irrespective of the working hours.


  12. Social media can assist in promoting your brand.

    Are you one of those who think that social media is enough and that you don’t need an official website for your business? If yes, we would like to tell you that both, the website and the social media accounts are necessary to reach out to a greater audience. You can put any content you want on your website using any design and format that you like. Social media will help you get the word out about your brand. When people see your brand on a social media platform and if it interests them, they will definitely check out your website.

  13. Create an email campaign for clients to tell them about your latest offerings.

    An email campaign lets you stay in touch with your clients. You can share your offerings, new services, testimonials, and much more via email. That way you have a high chance of generating sales. Your website gives an ideal way for you to get more people to subscribe to your emails. You are free to send as many emails as you want and as often as you like.

  14. Educate the website visitors about your offerings.

    A website is the best platform that you can use to educate your potential clients about your services and products. You can guide your clients on which product or service suits them the best. No matter the type of business model you have, you can still educate your client base about each and everything that will help them make better purchases.

  15. Create an online community.

    With a website, you can have your clients and visitors talk with each other and share their experiences and clarify their doubts. For instance, you can have a comment section for your blog to enable your visitors to discuss the post and ask you questions about it.

All large, small, and startup businesses need a website. While your business can succeed without a website, going online can open a lot of doors for you. If you still don’t have an official website for your brand or business get in touch with a website development company.