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Posted On : 16th August, 2021 by ViitorCloud

Progressive Web Application (PWA) development services are striking the whole market as a major substitute today. As PWAs don’t need to be installed or downloaded on smartphones, users are more attentive to use these apps.


So what are PWAs?

PWAs are web applications at the core that function with the latest digital capabilities to offer a native app-like experience to its users. Some of the biggest companies using PWA are Alibaba, Walmart, and Twitter. We can understand the benefits of using PWAs by looking at such top brands’ revenues and conversion rates.

But, it doesn’t mean that only big businesses can use these web apps. Small and medium-scale businesses can also benefit from these technologies to build app-like experiences to expand their customers and sales.


PWAs act as native apps and offer the same features such as:

  • Push Notification
  • Steady and Faster Processing
  • Even Offline Operations
  • Smart Home Screen


Why Use Progressive Web Apps?

According to Statista, “Mobile market share is growing quickly. Mobile commerce is predicted to make 53.9% of all retail sales revenue online by 2021.

Indeed businesses today are seeking the best way to increase their mobile eCommerce market share. While it was not possible before the inception of PWAs as businesses were entitled to use only native apps. However, with PWAs, businesses can now easily leverage the same benefits as native apps.

  1. Speed and accessibility

    Google analyzed that 53% of mobile users worldwide left a website if its load time is longer than 3 seconds. Today, people don’t have to wait for loading; that’s why speed is one of the essential factors while developing an app or a website for your business.

    It is vital to offer a speedy and smooth user experience. PWAs are becoming super fast as they utilize the latest web development frameworks and technologies.

  2. Better conversion

    What about sales and conversion in business? Isn’t it everything to your business? Of course. Every business owner works with the motto to get more and more profit, and it has become easier now with PWAs. Such web apps offer a better user experience and higher conversion rates. For instance, Alibaba saw a 76% hike in conversion across varied browsers after utilizing PWAs.


  3. Enhanced user engagement with push notification

    Push notifications is one of the vital features of all mobile applications. However! Now with PWAs, you can make it possible without going for app development. Push notifications are more intuitive in PWAs and allow organizations to achieve their target users directly and innovatively.

  4. Reduce the time and cost of development

    Indeed developing mobile apps is not very handy and affordable to all businesses. You don’t need to build, maintain, and advertise a platform with progressive web apps except for the website. In this way, you can serve your products and service through all channels to all groups.

    You would be capable of saving your cost even in maintenance. Never forget, the marketplace charge would be omitted, which is nearly close to 30%. With PWAs, you can offer all these benefits to your potential customers.

    PWAs decrease time-to-market and expenses radically while offering the same capacities and client experience to all users and maintaining the multi-channel technique.

  5. Web optimization compatibility

    Since a PWA is online, businesses can easily find everything via web search tools. Any stuff in the PWA can be associated to, placed, and shared by Bing and Google.

    This compares with native apps, which don’t allow glide through search engine robots. By obstructions and differences among native and web users can directly connect to the latest items through any device whenever required.

    Deeply captivating user experience, least information use, reduced bounce rates, and very quick website loading are some of the most supportive factors for higher SEO rankings.

    With PWA providing several benefits, it is a logical cause that using PWAs will offer higher SEO rankings naturally. However, everything should be done properly and with the help of experts.

    Google will prioritize and give a higher ranking to very well-planned PWAs than traditional sites. In this manner, we can say that PWAs decrease the time-to-market and advertising cost intensely while still offering the best web capabilities and user experience to all customers.


Take away

Progressive web applications are highly useful, profitable, and cost-effective for all business sizes and domains. These apps create mind-blowing eCommerce solutions for businesses.

PWAs assist businesses in generating more revenue with higher sales and conversion benefits. If you want to achieve your target customers and increase the ROI from eCommerce business, you must connect with professionals offering progressive web app development services.