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Posted On : 21st July, 2021 by ViitorCloud

Many frameworks have been invented to support web development, reduce launch time to market, and increase flexibility. No one can think about creating modern web applications without frameworks.

It would be a nightmare for app developers to go for web development without a framework because they would need to create business logic, securities, databases, and lots of other things from scratch.

This article is about to describe the best front-end frameworks of 2021 for web development. So let’s start the journey.


  1. React

    The State of JS  (JavaScript) 2019 defines that Vue, Angular, and React are the most popular frameworks, making them top front-end frameworks of 2021.

    One of the big benefits of using React is the ability to use it for native app development. As a Facebook product, it offers huge community support from global developers, reusable components, SEO friendliness, better performance, and some other advantages.

    It is suggested to use React if you are creating cross-platform or SPA and small enterprise-level apps.

  2. Angular

    Angular is one of the most trusted front-end development frameworks used worldwide by developers for creating large and small-scale enterprise-level apps.

    Its popularity is increasing with rocket speed. Since Angular uses two-way data binding, it offers high performance of browser-based apps by dynamically updating all data without delay.

    The  best web development company  uses Angular for large-scale applications, real-time applications, and scalable architecture. Some of the biggest examples of websites and apps using Angular are the Guardian, Upwork, PayPal, and Sony.

  3. Vue

    When we talk about the hidden technology of Xiaomi, Reuters, 9gag, and Alibaba, then Vue comes in. It is one of the most renowned front-end development frameworks. It is simple and straightforward. Vue is a good option for removing the complex issues faced by Angular developers. Its size is smaller and offers two most amazing advantages – a component-based approach and a visual DOM used to create user interfaces.

    Vue is again a two-way ecosystem that can manage both simple and dynamic processes easily. Vue assists in multiple tasks and a perfect development framework for creating lucrative and highly functional mobile apps, web apps, and progressive web applications.

  4. jQuery

    This is still one of the most advantageous and widely used front-end frameworks for 2021. It holds a strong position in web development technologies. This feature-rich and fast JS library offer lots of tools and assists developers to consider them during development.

    jQuery makes JavaScript logic and tasks such as data logic, Ajax calls, event handling, animations, DOM traversal, and manipulation streamlined and easier. No one can replace jQuery in the coming years too.

  5. Spring

    Spring is one of the widely used web development framework technology. Spring offers an interface for Java-based apps. Initially, the Spring framework was developed to support the design and development of the middleware tier for web apps.

    However, it offers multiple features to developers. Spring MVC with web integration, testing support, and other big technologies are here to assist you with email, validation, and much more advantages.

    Spring offers great and huge community support to get random solutions for development issues and errors. So if you need a Java-based application, why not choose Spring for better results.

  6. Laravel

    Here comes a major player in the web development arena. Laravel is an MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework that utilizes PHP as the native language. It is not a newbie, however, not an older framework in the market.

    Laravel offers a decent amount of packages and out-of-the-box API support that helps businesses get a tremendous and dedicated solution.

    To leverage the full potential of Laravel technology, it is vital to hire a website developer having enormous expertise and years of experience in creating high-quality web apps using this framework.


  7. Django

    Django is an MVT (Model-View-Template) framework that utilizes Python to create web applications. Lots of big names such as Instagram, YouTube, and Google are using Django.

    It boasts its enhanced usage in the future. Django offers lots of features such as messaging, authentication, and much more. It provides various tools and technologies to web developers and assists them in building a highly secured web application to prevent online threats and other risks.

  8. Ember

    Ember is also an open-source and MVC framework. It is used for creating a highly scalable single-page web application. Ember assists developers in working effectively by reducing app development resources and time.

    It is widely implemented in client-side web apps. Big names using Ember are LinkedIn, Netflix, Microsoft, etc. Ember offers and organized and proper documentation with the two-way binding feature.

  9. Backbone.js

    Backbone is one of the fastest and lightweight frameworks used to build single-page web apps on the MVC model. Moreover, it offers multiple tools such as Marionette, Chaplin, Thorax, etc., making it a perfect framework for front-end development.


It would help if you had a perfect framework to make your app development task successful, from creating single-page web apps to complex enterprise-level apps. There are many front-end frameworks available to use. However, which one is the best for you relies on your project needs and business niche.

Every framework has its features and tools. If you can’t choose a relevant framework for your app development project, hire a professional website development company to achieve your business goals with the web app.