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Posted On : 25th October, 2021 by ViitorCloud

A few years ago, the work that we could never have imagined that we would ever be able to do that work today is done in a pinch with the help of machines. Technology has increased so much that it is expanding very fast in all fields. It is almost impossible to predict what the next technology will be about. Sociologist Michael Mann says that technology is the sociology of the last 5 minutes, now you can guess how difficult it will be to predict it.

If we look back a few years from today, we come to know that the first era started when we saw the computer. It was 1981 when IBM launched its first computing machine. The computer age was what we can call the first era. The main technology of this computer was its open architecture and its operating system. OS was DOS, which is known as Disk Operating System. However, later it changed to Window. The main attraction of this computer was the spreadsheet. This was the most spectacular change of that time, so we will count it as the computer epoch.

The second epoch began in 1995, about 14 years after the computer was made. This era was the age of the Internet. It started with the Netscape IPO. And now its main attraction was the web browser. In the early stages, a lot of effort had to be made to control the web browser, this was a very difficult task. In this fight, Microsoft eliminated Netscape and captured 90% of the market. In this era, the search option was like a killer feature, as the era progressed, social networking sites, and Facebook captured the entire market.

The third age is the one we are living in now. This is the age of mobile. In 2007, when Apple announced its first mobile, this revolutionary era had begun. This era doesn’t have only one dominant operating system like the first two eras. Rather in this era, we have two operating systems Apple’s IOS and Google’s Android. Both have a right in the market, both have different user bases. Seeing the rapidly increasing technology day by day, it seems that this mobile era is now at its peak.


The big question that arises is, what will be the next era?

Keeping in mind the rapidly growing technology, we know very clearly that Artificial Intelligence and Automation have gained a lot of momentum. Deep learning, artificial intelligence, AI-based all work is being done in all fields. Keeping all these facts in mind, we can quite easily say that the coming epoch will be of the latest technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Voice Interface.

Many multinational companies have started adopting all these technologies with great speed and are improving them rapidly. There are also some areas where all these technologies are being used. But as it expands, we will see these technologies in many areas. So we can say that the fourth era is beginning and the coming era will be of advanced technologies like AI, Robotics.