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Posted On : 28th May, 2018 by ViitorCloud

The recession age is a not so distant memory, and the effects were far-reaching, which have scared a lot of innovators and still in 2018 they are reluctant to start a business. A lot of people assert that even if there was no recession the new businesses happens to fail and Forbes, further confirms this by stating that failure in January 2015 was close to 90%.

But a lot of us fail to identify the logic behind a glass half-filled, where the half-filled water is always ignored and, only the empty portion of glass is seen. Similarly, by considering the 90% of the failure chances we fail to see the 10% of successful chances. And Forbes, here again confirms that in the post-recession period a lot of things have been developed in the US market and 10% will definitely increase in this year 2018. If you are planning to dip your toes in the business arena, then 2018 is a great year to begin.

A lot of economists view the year 2018 as a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs. Even Forbes, this year in January that a lot of new people have started planning for new business ventures. If you too are among those, then 2018 is really a big opportunity and below we list out the reasons for the entrepreneurs to get excited for the new ventures.

More tax benefits

Indeed, that the current tax plan is controversial and its effect are not easy to predict in the long haul. Yet, the present tax plan seems to be promising in the coming near time for the Small to Medium sized enterprises. The 20% deduction known as ”pass-through business” for the organizations allows them to not pay corporate income taxes. The 95% of businesses – partnerships, sole-proprietorships and S-corporations in the U.S. comes under these “pass-through organizations”. There is a 20% deduction plan for the service-based companies owned by the married couple and make under $315,000 per annum. For the individuals running the same receive 20% deduction who make under $157,500. Planning to upgrade your Medium-sized business to corporate? Then, in 2018 taxes are lowered from 35% to 21%.

Be Your Own Boss

At any point in time, when you own a business, you are your own boss, you are your own decision maker. You are not supposed to work 9-5 and have to be confined to your ideas and innovative approach. All you need to set your own schedule and other linked things will line up accordingly – that’s your new freedom.

Evolving Resource Market Place

Viewing the current scene in comparison to the earlier scene more resources are now available. The biggest hurdle that businessman faced earlier was the scarcity of resources. People now have grown much more and they have started using the right use of their competencies, so once an issue of resource scarcity is now resolved. There are resource marketplaces for the entrepreneurs, like Fiverr and TaskRabbit. These websites help businessman get the right resources for their requirements. Further, they hire them specifically for some period or for the tasks. Hiring resources in such manner don’t involve employing someone full-time in the office. Further, with applications and tools like, Evernote, Dropbox, etc. Conveniently business managers can manage everything in place.

Business Trends 2018 for Entrepreneurs

There is a valid reason why 2018 makes the most happening year for the entrepreneurs, especially the ones who are planning to start a new business. In 2018, the economic trends are promising and the predictions cast positively towards an outlook that makes this year a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs.

The economy is booming, since the time recession ended the U.S. economy slowly restored and today the numbers are impressive,

  • There are now millions of available jobs, and the unemployment rate is a pretty low rate of 4.3%.
  • Real estate seems to be the most positively growing market with housing rates growing 6.5% high from last year.
  • The stock market is stable and well.

Buyers more prefer personalized experiences, though eCommerce giants like Amazon are a popular choice, people now are more inclined towards personalized shopping. Though the sales of brick and mortar stores have dropped drastically, a few of them are still thriving. And when such stores plan to go online, buyers are excited to shop from their eCommerce store.

Nowadays, Live Streaming is highly popular and businesses too can leverage the benefit of this trending thing by having live streaming of sales, webinars, events, Q&A rounds etc. With Live Videos, buyers can immediately connect with the store and their owners. More good for the businesses as they get quick branding among the customers. Starting your new business with this innovative sort of marketing has better and more prospects with increased buyer reach.


Irrelevant to what sort of business you plan to start, with how many people, there are plenty of trends and promising ways in 2018. A new business begins with a lot of efforts and hopes so never miss out on your web marketing activities, consult a digital marketing company to get your efforts in the right direction.