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Posted On : 14th August, 2017 by ViitorCloud

A website with a graceless design and irrelevant content delivers a negative impression on the users that eventually affect the business sales. The design of your website should be so fluid and intuitive, that the visitors can smoothly navigate the web pages and find what they need.

If you are reading this, your existing business website might be underperforming and consistently get decreasing traffic with the lower conversion rate, User experience (UX) design is the foremost thing that you need to focus.

In many situations, the most favorable way to end up your sales nightmare is by revamping or redesigning your business website. Before you go deep into website development and be completely prepared to get your business website redesign, we urge you to consider the below checklist.

Know what your users prefer

Indisputable is the fact that your website must have an aesthetic appeal, but while choosing the design always remember it should not be appealing to you it should be to your users, the targeted audience. This is because the website that you are going to launch is for your users, and your prospective leads – it’s solely for them.

If your website fails to allure your users, it’s simply serving nothing, and further, your conversion rates will never get a hike. A weak understanding regarding the preference of the target users, at last, turns your site into an ineffective asset.

Devise marketing plans that are result-driven and conduct research one step further to deeply understand from the user’s point of view. Furthermore, scan the websites in your competition, and the sites that your potential users are involved with.

Don’t shoot in the dark – define a purpose

If you are attempting website redesigning just as a shot in the dark, then definitely it’s a big miss! Revamping is just not getting a new web presence; it’s more than that which serves your entire business operations.

Plan your goals and do them is a clear and assessable way. If you consider to redesigning your website for several years, focus more on the long-term goals. Besides, line up and assign priorities to the website goals. The prime purpose of most business people is to serve website as an information repository while expanding their services.

Never loose on the basic functionality

Yes, it’s great that you decided to revamp your website. But, ensure that you don’t ruin entire look and feel of your existing site. Instead, work on the pleasant aspects of the redesign, and begin with the functionality.

Also before you decide anything critical, take a note of your analytics and then head for the site navigation and content.

Effort more for the homepage

A website homepage is the most indispensable part any website as it engages the visitors. Ditch the idea of adding everything on the homepage – let it serve the prime opening door for your business branding.

Moreover, the content should be simple, clear and readable. Don’t forget to add the most valuable information, like offers, CTAs, etc. at a position on the site where it gets easily noticed by the visitors.

Hold your breath for SEO success

Another important aspect is the search engine visibility of your website, and before you are all set to launch the revamped site, consider the Google algorithms and other strategies strongly.

Ensure to check that your site is well geared-up to run the race of cut throat competition. Rather spending more on the traditional tactics, focus more on seamless UX and rich content development.


There can be several reasons to redesign your website, and that you should explore considering every aspect of your business. Nowadays, business websites goals demand user experience, out of the box creativity, simplicity, user engagement, business appearance and several other factors. It’s better first to meet a checklist that clears up your view for a website redesign.

One such is what we have provided above. If you are looking for website redesign service, contact us and set up an inquiry today.