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What is Laravel used for? |10 Most Common Applications

What is Laravel? Laravel is a widely popular and emerging custom web application development framework. It is an open source full stack PHP framework developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011 to create a sub...Read More

Posted On: 13th June, 2022 by ViitorCloud


Healthcare Technology Trends to 2022 and beyond

Modern Healthcare Technology is rapidly transforming the healthcare industry. Many such types of machinery have come, due to which it has become very easy to get treatment. With the help of technology...Read More

Posted On: 1st April, 2022 by ViitorCloud


Real-Life Examples of Machine Learning

Machine learning is the latest technology that has not only helped human beings but has also played an important role in making tasks easier in many other fields. This technology helps a lot in automa...Read More

Posted On: 25th March, 2022 by ViitorCloud


Understanding The Metaverse Through Real World Example

If you are connected to the Internet world, then you must be aware that nowadays there is a lot of discussion about Metaverse on the Internet. Ever since Facebook rebranded its name, the term has been...Read More

Posted On: 15th March, 2022 by ViitorCloud