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Network Level Flaw in Microsoft Office 365 Security?

  We, at ViitorCloud, use the Microsoft Office 365 suite as a driver for all our daily work, communications, files management, and so on. Office 365 was selected by ViitorCloud for the sole r...Read More

Posted On: 28th November, 2019 by Deepak Naidu

Secure Messaging Through Encryption – What It Is and Why It Is Important.

ViitorCloud has recently launched a brand-new product ‘Send It Over‘.  Send It Over is a platform for users to send encrypted secure messages anywhere and to anyone. In this blog, we have...Read More

Posted On: 21st November, 2019 by Pranjal Kaushiley

7 Industries AI Will Revolutionize By 2020

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being regarded as one of the most dominant tech trends of the future.  Till now the very little that AI has offered us (primarily in the form of chatbots) is j...Read More

Posted On: 14th November, 2019 by Shaun Williams

ViitorCloud WordPress Plugins To Customize & Secure Your Website

WordPress Plugins are the most vital aspect of website development using the vastly popular CMS system. If you are just beginning to build your website using WordPress, you have probably noticed the ...Read More

Posted On: 11th October, 2019 by Pranjal Kaushiley