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Why Progressive Web Apps Are The Future of Mobile Web

We live in a fast-changing world where a technological innovation made a year back may be too outdated to use in the current year. The technological innovations focus on the performance, user experien...Read More

Posted On: 14th May, 2021 by ViitorCloud

Benefits of ReactJS: Top 10 Reasons to Choose It

React JS, a member of the JavaScript family was launched in 2013 by a former Facebook employee, named Jordan Walke. It is one of the best JavaScript libraries used for developing the front-end of the ...Read More

Posted On: 12th May, 2021 by ViitorCloud

3 Digital, Crypto and Blockchain predictions for 2021 – ViitorCloud

You must have heard the term Bitcoin a lot of times since a few years. The revolutionary and disruptive technology behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is Blockchain. Do you know what a Blockchain is? Le...Read More

Posted On: 10th May, 2021 by ViitorCloud

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: What’s The Difference?

You think wordpress.com and wordpress.org are the same, right? Well, you are not alone! A majority of people get confused with wordpress.com and wordpress.org. They are bound to get confused as not ma...Read More

Posted On: 7th May, 2021 by ViitorCloud