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What is Laravel for enterprise? Myths & facts you should know

Laravel is a PHP framework for monolithic and micro-service apps that provides a free and open-source platform for web development. Also, it helps to construct MVC applications. It helps develop all t...Read More

Posted On: 1st March, 2021 by ViitorCloud

10 coolest IoT Devices around Us That Have Made Our Lives Easier

There is euphoria at the moment about the Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on our lives. The Internet of Things is everywhere. So, what is this Internet of Things? How does it work? Is it neces...Read More

Posted On: 26th February, 2021 by ViitorCloud

Fraud Detection: How Machine Learning Systems Help Reveal Scams in Fintech, Healthcare and eCommerce

With the unprecedented rise in the use of smart devices, user friendly mobile applications and the progressive data/information management tools, a lot of day today tasks have become outstandingly eas...Read More

Posted On: 22nd February, 2021 by ViitorCloud

React.js vs Node.js: What Are the Main Differences? Which One to Choose for Your Next Web App?

There are many JavaScript libraries to choose from. React.js and Node.js have widely used JavaScript libraries for web development applications. Both are high performing scripts yet are technically di...Read More

Posted On: 16th February, 2021 by ViitorCloud