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Posted On : 21st October, 2021 by ViitorCloud

First of all, let’s understand what is voice cloning? Voice cloning is a process done by software in which your voice is recorded and a computer is made to speak like you. The artificial form of the human voice is mainly called voice cloning. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence-based voice cloning software has become so advanced that it can give artificial form to any human voice. After that only for some time but it will be almost impossible to identify which is the real voice and which is the computerized voice.


How To Clone Voice?

To create your clone voice you have to record your voice in Artificial Intelligence voice cloning software. Take any one paragraph and try to read as clear as much as you can. Correct the mistakes made while reading and keep that file for processing. After some time you will be told that your clone voice is ready. After this, you can use it in any chatbot. You can fool your friends and relatives too, of course, even if only for some time but you will make them feel confused.

Although we also have a text-to-speech converter, it is very old technology. With the help of this also we can easily interact with the computer. Nowadays we can make the synthetic voice very easily and exactly by using advanced technology like artificial intelligence and deep learning.


Less Perfection But Rapid Improvement

Speech synthesis has made a lot of progress in the last few years due to advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Earlier, the voice of the actor was recorded to create almost all the synthesis voices and the sound components were separated by cutting each letter. And these were added together again to form new words.

But now this task has become much easier through neural networks. By looking at the raw data, we can train the neural network and according to it, we can easily make sound from it. After this, the sound coming from the machine is not that good but it can be improved by editing it yourself. The way progress has been made in the last few years, surely this shortfall will also be filled very fast in the coming few years.



Cloning Voice Feels Like Future’ Innovation

Anyone would be shocked to hear their voice, what do you think making your voice through the computer, does it show that your voice is no longer important? If you think so then you are wrong. In a way, there is a technology used to make our work easier, with the help of which we will save a lot of time and our work will become easier. Voice cloning is improving very fast and when it becomes fully popular then a lot of people will start using it. Right now voice cloning is not so much in vogue, nor do people know so much about it.

By cloning your voice, you can simplify many of your tasks such as sending automatic replies through Chatbots, making any announcement at any place, or any other such tasks. But it will never be able to replace you completely. It is almost impossible to do all the tasks that a human can do through a chatbot. Future upgrades may make this possible to some extent, but you don’t have to worry too much about it

Shortly, as the Artificial Intelligence-based voice cloning software progresses, the awareness among all the people about it will also increase. As it happens, almost everyone will be able to clone their voice. It will also be beneficial for us and misusing it can also be costly. We will have to wait for a few years for how beneficial it is and how it feels to use it. But you must tell us how did you like the information given by us. If you liked it, do share it with others as well.