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Posted On : 17th February, 2022 by ViitorCloud

Since the world of the Internet has gained momentum, we keep hearing these two words usually, first e-commerce and second cloud computing. Let us first get to know these two words very well. E-commerce refers to the business done using online platforms, which includes big platforms like Flipkart, Amazon. If you want, you can also create your private e-commerce platform.

The same cloud computing technology is also taking rapid growth. And it also has many advantages which help us in many ways. If you think cloud computing is not of much use in the field of e-commerce then you are wrong. You should think about it once again. According to a global claim, the e-commerce market has crossed the $27 trillion mark. After Covid-19, there has been a rapid pace in it.

Along with this rapidly changing digital world, the behavior of the customer has also changed. The number of products they buy has increased and the categories have also increased. After implementing a good cloud computing technology, you can improve many features of your e-commerce. It includes many other features like security, database support, and seamless payment.

Let us take a look at four main reasons why every e-commerce store should adopt cloud computing:

  1. Easily Scalable

    The most important principle of growing a business is that we should make services according to our customers and not according to ourselves. After Covid-19, many businesses have got to learn this lesson on how to make the business scalable. Customer expectations can change overnight and if we can serve them accordingly, then it will be a very good signal to our business.

    Today most of the customers are shopping almost online. Those businesses who could not find any way to go online then took the risk and considered the decision to lose their customer. Scalable cloud computing comes in handy only in such situations, where you can manage your business through a single cloud hosting. Let us know how it will help us in the field of e-commerce. An automated scalable cloud computing system helps an eCommerce business in the following ways:

       ● Sign up for IT solutions in minutes.

       ● You can add and remove resources according to the demand and supply.

       ● You can modify your services as per the requirement of the customer.

       ● You can also add automatically defined conditions and set off instructions.

       ● You don’t even need an IT professional to make this infrastructure big.

  2. Speed

    How many conversions we will get from any website, only depends on the speed of that website. You will not believe it, but a few years ago Amazon found that if their website loads 1-second late, then they will have to suffer a loss of about 1.6 billion dollars per year. The average waiting period of the user is about 3 seconds. If your website does not load within 3 seconds, the user will switch from the website. If you also want to engage more and more users on your website and want to reduce the bounce rate, then the speed of your website should be very high. It should load completely before 2-3 seconds.

    You must have realized that big eCommerce platforms pay a lot of attention to this thing. Even in a weak network connection, their website loads very well. To give a great experience of e-commerce to your customers, as well as to double your sales, you have to pay attention to the speed of your website. It has the power to double your sales.

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  4. Reduced costs

    Using cloud technology for an e-commerce platform leads to substantial cost savings. In the initial days, no business had enough budget to hire an IT professional. Many cloud partners also offer a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model to eCommerce businesses, which benefits both parties. This reduces the cost wastage by about 60%.

    Cloud technology consumes much less energy than data centers. Mainly cloud technology saves your maintenance and labor cost. You can use the remaining assets to grow your business and make it more customer-friendly.

  5. Security Improvement

    You will also agree that all e-commerce platforms have a huge database available, in which many types of sensitive information are available. It stores customers’ payment details, personal addresses, and many other types of information. In such a situation, it becomes very important that the security of your eCommerce platform is very strong.

    Apart from this, the database shows that cyber attacks on retail websites have increased from 13 to 14% in the year 2021 alone. In such a situation, the situation becomes even direr. We need to pay a lot of attention to whether our eCommerce platform is completely secure or not.

    In such a situation, a cloud storage system helps us a lot. It provides the following features for our eCommerce platform:

       ● Cloud storage systems do comply with strict storage rules and policies that are designed primarily for IT environments only.

       ● It is monitored by IT professionals.

       ● Third-party auditors verify the cloud storage, which adds another layer of security to the storage.

       ● Cloud storage systems take full advantage of firewalls to promote security and maintain system integrity.



Now you must have understood how much more beneficial cloud computing is for e-commerce. If you are also not using cloud computing yet, then we would suggest that you should start using cloud computing technology in your business.