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Posted On : 12th December, 2017 by ViitorCloud

One of the most favoured scripting languages at server side is PHP, which is loved by the developers for its simplicity, its frameworks that add more to its popularity. PHP frameworks offer the developers a few pre-built modules, and a platform where robust, and reusable components can be created which further enables quicker development cycles.

The frameworks in PHP provide a developer with the basic structure, that aids in the development of agile and robust web applications. PHP frameworks implement coding standards and standard procedure for development which systematize the process and secure the product.

PHP frameworks enable RAD, the i.e. rapid application development which aids the developers a lot, and they don’t need to work on the same problem for a long time reworking the program structures. Some of the finest and popular PHP frameworks are Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, and Zend.

A developer as per his choice, or preference and expertise can be master of a few or all or one, but one should know that which framework is current market demand, and best among all.

Why Choose CodeIgniter for Web Application Development?

CodeIgniter is an open-source, easy-to-configure framework, which while simplifying the syntax of PHP makes it approachable. Below are the key features that make CodeIgniter the choice for web application development.

MVC Architecture

CodeIgniter is a Model-View-Controller based framework. MVC is a web design pattern or architecture utilized during the website development process. Under this design structure, the entire application gets separated into three linked sections, providing a platform to the developers for performing prospect up gradations or customizations without any impediment.

  • Model – Model is responsible for the maintenance of data, and it forms the lowest level.
  • View – At view, the data is presented to the users.
  • Controller – Controller keeps both the above levels, linked and on same page.
Form Validations

Form validation is one of the most significant features of a web application development. It enables to file and obtain reliable data in the correct format. Simultaneously, CodeIgniter makes the form validation an effortless task for the developers. Custom validation with this PHP framework is easy; besides, it offers a sound figure of inbuilt form validations which presents it non-reliable on scripts.

Inbuilt Security Tools

A very general practice to exclude slashes when recovering the data from the database, but as CodeIgniter has inbuilt security tools these things are viewed in default settings. These default settings resolve the database issue by turning off the magic quotes runtime directives that boot up when a query is inserted. With such various features, developers find it very easy to continue with the web application development process.

Error Handling

Developers using CodeIgniter Development framework for web applications gets access to the error reports in a developing stage while resolving them after production. CodeIgniter is an absolute benefit for the developers, with this feature of the framework. Furthermore, this feature of CodeIgniter framework supports to save the debugging messages as text files by rendering instructions to the error-logging class.

Database Caching Class

To Lessen the database loads, cache the queries as text files. Also, below it is explained how cache gets explained in these three simple steps –

  • To save the cache files, On the server, a writable directory is created, where cached files are stored
  • For the cache folder, a path is set in the application/config/database.php file
  • Enable the caching feature, either by globally or manually by opting in application/config/database.php file

Feature rich web application development definitely is a challenging task, but with CodeIgniter, it is not that difficult. CodeIgniter comes with the feature of simple integration, which makes it the most preferred web framework for the developers.