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Posted On : 21st September, 2021 by ViitorCloud

Ok first things first, most of the readers would first want to know that what is PWA? PWA stands for “Progressive Web Apps”. The discussion about this is going on since 2015. Now you must be thinking that what was so special then. In fact, the term was coined in 2015 by designer Francis Berryman and Google Chrome engineer Alex Russell. Since then, it has come under discussion. It also has many benefits which we will discuss further.


PWAs solve two problems at once

To understand why PWAs are necessary, we must first understand the state of the mobile web closely. Let’s have a look at this and try to understand it. According to much research, the data received says that the conversion rate from the mobile app is around 6%. Whereas the same conversion rate is 4.2 percent on desktop. And in the mobile web, it comes down to just around 3%.

From these data, we have been able to conclude that Amazon is currently number one for providing an excellent shopping experience. Amazon has been designed very well and keeping the customer in mind. Their shopping experience is very good not only on mobile applications but also on desktops. But it is not possible for everyone to make mobile apps. Firstly, it is very expensive and secondly, it is also expensive to maintain them.

The native app is very good for those companies whose budget for application development is 7 points. But the native app does not make any special sense for small businesses.

This is where PWAs get their trump card. Using open web technology helps in building lightweight and fast applications. This is a very good solution for online merchants. There is a lot of trouble in shifting the customer from desktop to mobile. PWAs solve two of our problems at once. It is much faster and gives better performance and usability than any old website. And it also saves merchants from spending on expensive application development.


PWA is a product of Open Web Technology

So far we have understood how PWAs differ from the existing responsive web design, which is now dominating the mobile web with its influence. It is moving fast with a revolutionary change. While native app development requires us to learn a new scale, PWAs are built using HTML, JavaScript, CSS. The secret behind PWAs is a feature called Service Workers recently added to the browser, it is nothing but a set of APIs.

With PWA, you get some amazing features that you can hardly imagine. Without any delay, let us know about all these great features, which you will definitely be surprised to hear:

  1. Quick Browsing

    PWAs are also very fast in interacting, as well as providing a very good experience in scrolling, transitioning, loading reloading in-page experience. In the initial days, those who used this technology like Ali Express, they have seen a jump in the conversion rate by almost 100% after implementing it. The retention time of the customer has reduced considerably, so it becomes very important that your web page loads quickly. PWA helps you in this and your conversion rate starts increasing rapidly.

  2. No Need to Install

    PWAs are easily available on the web in which you get rid of the hassle of installing or downloading. It is easily accessible which can be used on the web.

  3. Notification Alerts

    In addition to the PWA being available online, it also supports push notifications. We can send live notifications through push notification alerts. So that we invite our customers to visit our website. This keeps our customers up to date and information reaches them from time to time.

  4. Weak Internet

    PWAs have the ability to detect the strength of the network whether you have a good network or very low. With its help, developers make them so capable that they can perform well even in low networks. For example, if you are inside a tunnel where the internet is very less, it is taken care of to give you a good experience even there.

  5. Engagement RE-Engage

    Like native apps, PWAs can also be saved by Android users. You must have seen many times that in some websites the option of add to home screen comes. This used to be done with the help of a native app but now we get it present in PWA also. We get many more features like good navigation, great look and feel available in this.



PWA Advantages for Magento Merchants

PWA means more customer acquisition, more conversions, and a great experience that will make customers want to spend more and more time on your website. This device is friendly and many more features are available in it, know about them:

  1. SEO Friendly

    It is not like the old website, but the website created in it is complete search engine friendly. Fortunately, almost all search engines have the feature to crawl the JavaScript of PWA. It maintains the canonical URL and sitemap in our website which is very important for a website to have.

  2. Desktop & Device Friendly

    PWAs are responsive and it is not only mobile responsive. These are also desktop responses, which means you will get the same user experience on the desktop as you get on the mobile web. Whatever device you are using laptop computer mobile it will provide you a great experience on all.

The Magento PWA Studio

According to Magento, PWAs are such a revolutionary step that has not happened in the last 5 years in the web industry, it has happened in a few days with the help of PWAs. And this change will accelerate even more rapidly and will continue to increase with this speed. And we also know that this migration will not be that easy so we want to work in collaboration. That’s why we are giving PWA Studio in collaboration with Google to give you a great experience in Magento. In this, you will find many friends who will help you. We recommend this product to all our merchants.

We suggest you take a test drive to experience it first. After that get your front-end developer team contract done with it. He will definitely like the great features given in it and he would like to work on it. That’s why we suggest you adopt this technology as soon as possible.

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