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Posted On : 7th November, 2016 by ViitorCloud

It would not be wrong if I say that mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives, and it is very difficult for a smart phone owner to live without depending on these apps. Right from the time we set an alarm to wake up in the morning, to waking up for checking the most recent emails to connecting with some near & dear ones through social networking, we are using one or the other mobile app. The vast dependence on the mobile apps signify the benefits of mobile app and the extent to which they have made our day to day tasks easier. Owing to such proliferated use of the mobile apps, the demand for the app developers, both freelance professionals and the app development companies has increased exponentially.

Quoting For A Mobile App Development Project

In order to become a successful mobile app developer, one needs to stay ahead of his/her competitors in every aspect of the app development, including quoting for a mobile app development project. Right presentation of the mobile app development quote is of the most vital factors that determines whether you would be able to get the project or not.

A successful app developer or the bidder needs to have excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills with a profound understanding of how businesses are developed. However, irrespective of the quoting for a broad spectrum of projects, if you are struggling for success, it’s important to introspect yourself and find out what’s going wrong.

Mistakes To Avoid While Quoting For Mobile App Development Projects
Here are some of the most common bidding and quoting mistakes which app developers often make while quoting for a new mobile application design project.

1. Incomplete Understanding of the Scope of the Project

Every mobile app design project and client is different, and thus, the scope of each new project also differs. While your experience of working on the other mobile app design projects may help you to execute the new project you are bidding for, but every new project is comprised of several unique requisites which differentiate it from all the other projects you have delivered so far. Thus, understanding the clear scope of the project and objectives of the client is very important to place the right bid. If you fail to understand that what exactly are you required to deliver on the project, you might not be able to anticipate the effort that you would have to put in and it will certainly impact the project quote that you will present.
Take your time to understand the scope of the project and discuss any queries which you have with the client in order to come up with a competitive quote.

2. Underestimating or Overestimating the Work Hours Required for the Project

Another mistake which the most app developers make is underestimating or overestimating the number of work hours that a project will need for end-to-end design. At the most basic level, developing a mobile app is like trading your work hours for money. You leverage your skills and understanding, and put your valuable time to develop an app for which you charge money.
Most often, the app developers only consider the time that they would need to develop the app and overlook the time required for managing the client, presenting the ideas, doing the follow-ups and the time required for communicating with the client to understand their expectations for the project and the final product.
So, when you quote for a project, it’s critical that you consider all the aforementioned factors and then evaluate the time and cost of the entire project before quoting for it.

3. Not Defining the Paid Project Revisions Included in the Project

It is also a common mistake that many app developers make while quoting for the project. While app design is the core activity undertaken during the project, but, apart from cardinal development, there are some other activities which the app developer needs to complete such as documentation, testing of the app and the revisions as per the feedback. Revisions include changing some aspects of the app such as certain icons, buttons, etc. and the addition of some new elements as per the clients’ requirement.
While a few revisions are reasonable, but, sometimes clients may make you revise the designed app multiple times. This can be time consuming. Thus, you must always clarify at the beginning of the projects that what number of revisions would be included in the scope of the project and any extra revisions would be payable. This will ensure that you do not have to put your valuable time in revising the app. Also, if a project requires additional revisions, be prepared to discuss the additional price for those revisions.

4. Consideration of the Additional and Miscellaneous Costs

The importance of mobile app development in today’s dynamically changing business environment can’t be overlooked. But, when quoting for a mobile app design project, you cannot be ambiguous. During the course of the project, several additional requirements may arise and these extra requisites should be compensated by the total project cost. Thus, ensure that when you place your quote for a mobile app design project, you have include the cost and time for the miscellaneous requirements that may evolve.

5. Not Creating a Lucid List of Deliverable’s

Being a professional mobile app developer, you must be prepared to deliver valuable services to clients and your services must be presented in an organised manner to ensure that the client finds your offerings not only well-structured, impressive and distinct. Thus, focus on creating a lucid list of deliverable’s and milestones which clearly exhibit that what your client can expect in terms of the project delivery.

If your aim is to achieve success as a mobile app development company or a freelance developer, it’s vital to quote properly and consider all the imperative specs pertaining to quoting for a project. By avoiding the common pitfalls, and by following the best quoting strategies, you can achieve success and run a profitable app design business.

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