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Posted On : 11th August, 2016 by ViitorCloud

Just say the word “Women” and one of the important worries that strike everyone’s mind is their safety. The rise in the crime against women has become one of the top concerns today. While crime against women has always been a contentious issue, but, exponential rise in the cases such as women assault, rapes and violence against women requires us to take steps against the crime and work on the ways to diminish them gradually.

We, as the society always emphasize on the safety of women and many argue about the significance of “Self-Defence” as well. I agree, Self-Defence is a great step towards protecting oneself from any mis-happening, but at the same time, I upheld the fact that there it cannot be used for completely eliminating all the possibilities of being the target of a crime. Also, many women don’t even have access to the training centres where they can learn the tactics of self-defence. Thus, we need several other measures to combat crime against women and have to find out ways to enhance the safety for women.

Are Mobile Apps Capable of Providing Safety for Women?

Fortunately, one common device which we all use today – the “Smartphone” can be used to enhance the safety for women. All thanks to the app designers and developers who have crafted some innovative applications which can be leveraged by women when they feel unsafe to call for help and to notify their location. But, many wonder that whether these apps are actually capable of augmenting the safety for women or are just some fancy apps which are promoted with false claims.
Though, all the apps claiming to provide safety for women cannot be trusted, but there are some apps which follow a logical action plan to help women who feel that they are unsafe or are fearing to become the victim of some crime. While, these mobile apps cannot provide complete safety, but, possess some exceptional features which can prove quite useful for the women trapped in treacherous or unsafe situations.

How Mobile Apps Ensure Safety for Women?

There is a plethora of women safety apps which have been developed with the cardinal aim of providing help at the time of need. The apps like iGoSafely, BeSafe, Secure Her, Sentinel Personal Security SOS App, Nirbhaya: Be Fearless app etc. are all developed to activate safety features with just one touch or shake.

The apps which are designed for women’s safety are often GPS based and thus, one of the best ways in which they extend help to the user is by conveying their exact location to the intended receiver. Almost all the apps require the women to create their profiles with the required information and enter the contact information of the people whom they want to notify when they are in any adverse situation. These people get a notification in the form of message, pop-up and other ways, and are intimated about the whereabouts of the user who is seeking help. As the physical location of the user is conveyed, it’s easy to track them and provide them the required help in the nick of the time.

While many refute the advantages offered by these apps, but, these certainly can help in saving one’s life. Your smartphone is your 24X7 companion, and thus, using it as a device which can call for help without letting the person know that you have activated your help feature can prove quite useful. Nevertheless, every woman must install one such app in her smartphone.

ViitorCloud is a top-notch app development company that has developed several apps in distinct verticals including the safety apps for women such as Tixe Mobile App. Loaded with several GPS location tracking and emergency contacts, Tixe Mobile app is capable of sending the emergency messages to the selected contacts in one’s smartphone informing them about the current happenings and telling the location of the user in the event anything goes wrong. ViitorCloud possess a team of seasoned professionals who excel in developing custom apps and are passionate about developing women safety apps, as it lets them contribute their bit towards making their country little safer for women.