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Posted On : 18th December, 2014 by ViitorCloud

CakePHP is an open source web application Framework. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) move toward and is written in PHP, modelled after the concepts of Ruby on Rails, and disseminated under the MIT License.

Our main goal is to facilitate you to work in a planned and rapid manner – without loss of flexibility. The CakePHP website gushes, “Set up the info and let the magic begin.” this can be slightly colorful, however not too aloof from the reality. The framework conjointly options glorious command-line tools that dramatically scale back the time needed to make associate degree application.

As per the official CakePHP website, new ready to use media gallery plug-in was launched recently. This Plug-in permits you to simply integrate your photos along with your CakePHP application for pleasant and chic thanks to add zooming practicality for pictures, HTML, crop, drag and drop, content and multi-media on your web pages.

What is Media gallery?

The popular File transfer part is currently a plug-in. Media gallery plug-in was formed as an intensive resolution to all or any the requirements returning from coping with media files in an exceedingly internet application. Furthermore the thought was to point out what quantity a well maintained plug-in is worthwhile and encourage others to try to a similar. The plug-in slowly evolved (and if truth be told still does) from an awfully distinct set of tightly coupled parts into one thing way more versatile. This enables you to use solely the practicality you actually would like.

Why we needed to create Media Gallery plug-in in CakePHP?

Media gallery Plug-in gives super easy to manage and deploy galleries across your site.

This plug-in is used for your back end or your front end there’s a technique to manage permissions.

Features Include:
  • Multiple image uploading
  • Web Interface
  • Ability to add any file type/picture format
  • Automatic Thumb generation after upload
  • password protected directories and sub directories
  • Define role for all directories
  • Drag-and-drop uploader
  • Grid layout for media
  • Widgets and short codes to list galleries, media, playlist, audio, etc.
  • User role define
  • Media type selection criteria
  • Media description
  • Selection of image for particular page
How to transfer and store a media within the database?

A lot of individuals don’t advocate storing files in an exceedingly info attributable to performance reasons. Of course, this can be a vital purpose you’ve got to think about once you style your application. The explanations why we tend to store files usually within the info are:

  • All knowledge is keep in one place: the database
  • It is simpler to test
  • It is simpler to develop as you are doing not got to keep info and classification system in synchronises
How Media Gallery Plug-in works?
  • Install Plug-in in CakePHP framework
  • In Admin Panel Add Directories
  • Add Sub Directories
  • Go to transfer media gallery possibility
  • Upload using drag and drop
  • Image uploader integrated with media gallery plug-in
  • Images is resized with imagine
  • Add Image Details
  • Insert media/image into page
Key Advantage of Media gallery Plug-in:
  • Enables image tagging permits you to cluster pictures into galleries by exploitation their tags. Pictures can even to feature manually exploitation the regular media manager interface.
  • In addition to images/attachments, galleries might also contain posts and alternative galleries. During this manner, you cluster not solely pictures, however additionally posts, galleries, and any combination of those object sorts. Here square measure some fun stuff you can do with expanded galleries.
  • Easily look for posts, pages, galleries, and a lot of within the expanded media manager interface, and embrace them directly into a gallery.
  • Freely order pictures, posts, and pages at intervals a gallery.
  • Gallery objects get saved into your CakePHP export files. This enables you to stay a backup of your gallery objects, still as move them from diary to diary.
  • Expanded media manager image search that permits you to seek out pictures supported title and ALT text.
  • Expanded search that permits you to seek out attachments and galleries supported titles, tags, and classes.
  • View most-used tags for post, attachment, and gallery objects.
  • Quick Edit image attachments.
  • Adds a replacement computer menu to your existing CakePHP Media Library. This menu can enable you to try and do bulk attachments to each hooked up and non-attached pictures.
  • Detach a collection of pictures from their post in order that they revert back to their unattached state.

As shown here, it is very easy to place along your own media gallery using CakePHP and media gallery plug-in. fiddle with the API and experiment with the cool ways that during which you’ll manipulate the information kicking off, or add new and exciting JavaScript effects — a carousel, as an example. This media gallery plug-in offers lots of flexibility.