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Posted On : 20th July, 2015 by ViitorCloud

Recently new update came from Facebook that all users now can easily sign up on Facebook Messenger without a Facebook Account

Good news for all the Facebook Messenger lovers since now they can sign up on Facebook Messenger without having a Facebook account. Recently new update came from the social media giant that from now on all users can access Facebook Messenger without even having a Facebook Account. Earlier users having a valid Facebook Account could only make use of Facebook Messenger.

Facebook, the king of social media over last several years, is known for trying new things to keep its users intact and entertained. The giant of social media has been facing some issues with people loosing keen interest these days in its social media application & hence has been trying it’s hard to get the attention back to its social media portal. For this purpose, the company & its management have been coming up with something new and interesting & if sources are to be believed, this new announcement is nothing different from the same purpose.

Facebook Messenger is the chatting application from Facebook and is used globally by millions of users. Initially a user with a proper Facebook Account was able to sign up for Facebook Messenger but now recently the ruling name of social media, Facebook, announced that any user can sign up and make use of Facebook Messenger; even those who don’t have a Facebook Account can make use of this chatting application. Users now will only have to login with their full name along with a valid phone number. But Facebook is still suggesting its users to sign up with their Facebook account saying this will allow users to continue conversation across diverse devices.

As per an official source, this step can surely prove a positive one & in favor of Facebook as Facebook Messenger app is quite famous among people as an online chatting application & removing this particular restriction can assuredly gain quite a lot of attention from people around the globe.