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Posted On : 10th December, 2021 by ViitorCloud

To survive in today’s digital age, businesses should be familiar with rapidly changing trends in Android app development. By the next year, app development will grow more rapidly as the world adopts the latest technologies.
Moreover, the users’ behavior and market demand towards Android apps often shift. Being aware of modern trends is vital if you want to increase your business reach through mobile apps.

According to Statista report of Q2 2021, users worldwide downloaded nearly 7.9 million apps from Apple Store and 28 billion apps from Google Play Store. Moreover, there are about 7.1 billion app users worldwide.

Generally, smartphone users keep 35 apps on their devices. However, they also don’t like apps having performance issues. Still, there is nothing that can stop the growth of the app development industry. The global mobile app market was $585bn in 2020 and is predicted to reach about $935bn in 2022.


Know the future of Android app development in 2022:

  1. Artificial Intelligence In Future Android Applications

    AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a big player in 2021 and beyond. It plays a vital role in the mobile app development process. It helps developers to build more personalized app experiences that meet users’ needs.

    By 2023, the global AI market is going to reach $70.94bn.

    Experts predict that various apps will be developed using technologies, such as machine learning algorithms and predictive analysis. This way, Android app developers will offer a more enhanced personalized experience to the users.

    The future apps can incorporate different AI features such as text, image classification, speech recognition, predictive maintenance, face detection, and more.

  2. Blockchain Technology With Android

    Indeed blockchain technology has the power to change the future. Nowadays, modern technologies offer several benefits such as speed, privacy, transparency, performance, etc. Android apps utilize blockchain technology in different ways.

    One of the best ways of this technology in Android app development is developing decentralized applications. Such apps communicate with blockchain technologies like Ethereum and others for improving operations and saving the data.

    Experts say that if you need a privacy-centered application, then choose blockchain as your first preference. As people are getting more privacy-oriented, the user of blockchain technology will rise in the future.

    According to Global News Wire, “by 2026, the blockchain technology will grow up to $52.5bn.

    Blockchain technology is being used in medical apps, payment apps, and even stock applications where data privacy is vital and needs to be covered.

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  4. 5G Technology

    Verizon introduced 5G technology in 2019 as part of its international launch. But, it is one of the most lucrative app development trends for 2022.

    The four significant benefits of 5G technology over existing 4G and LTE are listed below:

    • Speed
    • Low Latency
    • Connectivity
    • Bandwidth
  5. Instant Apps

    Instant applications assist users test and running the apps on their devices without any need to download and install them. With several apps available online, such options assist users in testing the app on various aspects. Moreover, you can easily find the best match as per your need.

    Mobile app development will get more tech benefits in the coming year. The increasing growth of instant apps tends that developers will have to be more attentive and make positive & lucrative impressions. Big names like New York Times have already adopted instant mobile apps.

  6. M-commerce Applications

    Today smartphones have become a robust tool to get almost everything with just a tap. Therefore why not other commercial activities. Users are using mobile commerce apps to purchase the required things from their devices. This has offered several new ways to businesses and app developers.

    The Guardian report says, “Most people check their phone 58 times a day.

    M-commerce enables businesses to achieve more growth and revenue. Additionally, using M-commerce, businesses can easily connect with their customers via Android apps. Many eCommerce website owners are already using the power of native apps, and several are planning to enter into the Android app segment.

    M-commerce apps will dominate the market as they are easy to manage, smaller, and faster than web applications and websites. Moreover, Android apps are more secure to make e-commerce transactions.


Final words

There are plenty of Android apps available in the Google Play Store. With the growing needs of businesses and changing users’ expectations, Android app development will increase more exponentially.To grow in the coming years, every business should understand the future of app development. This will help you make your business competitive and profitable