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Posted On : 18th May, 2018 by ViitorCloud

The pace at which businesses are evolving digitally and, consumers are more inclining towards the Internet for their day to day needs it is really crucial that the policies for protection and safeguarding the data should be secure than ever before. To meet these data security and protection challenges a regulation called EU GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation will be effective from May 25th, 2018.

Irrelevant to the location from where your business belongs if you are serving the EU clients and customers your organization needs to be GDPR compliant. The GDPR has brought along changes which are sure to impact the way you do business online and its high-time that your organization needs to be aware and aligned itself with this new data security measure.

As we hear this advice very commonly that prevention is better than cure, it is extremely critical for businesses to understand the ill-consequences of data breach and must create awareness regarding the same in its customers. With the new EU GDPR, it is crucial for the businesses to keep a check on the vulnerabilities that can cause data breaches. The more a business is concerned of preventing data breach at the outset less it will have to worry about the cures for the damage caused by data breach.

Further with GDPR it is mandatory for the businesses to get consent from the visitors, vendors, clients and customers about use of their data in a plain, simple, easy-to-understand language. If the website visitors, vendors, clients or customer aren’t willing to provide their data, they can withdraw their consent anytime. If your organization is non-GDPR compliant then the cost of this ignorance is pretty much high up to 20 million euros or the 4% of your total global revenue.

It is somewhat challenging for an organization, like for us at ViitorCloud Technologies. At the same time, It is also an opportunity for our organization to take a comprehensive, and intelligent approach to delivering secured, governed and trusted data. As we evolve our business for better successful outcomes, with the GDPR we stay agile and competent in the market.

ViitorCloud Technologies Action Plan – Partner with a GDPR compliant company

ViitorCloud’s data policies are strictly compliant to the EU-GDPR, we abide to let our visitors, vendors, clients or the customers aware of how their data is being taken and how it is being used. On they being agreed completely knowing all the above aspect we use their data. We are now constantly updating our policies and mailing list ensuring our associates are ensured of all the things relevant to their data use.

Data is present in immense quantity and the cost of managing this data seems higher, accumulating it without any right approach can lead to consequences where it might get misused or stolen. GDPR here, in this case banishes the anonymously rendering of data up to an impressive extent. While its limiting the associated risks with the important and confidential data it is also effectively managing the data usage.

There is a hoax though in the market that GDPR might end up the ways companies do email marketing. Actually, companies which are GDPR compliant can do valuable, responsive and better email marketing. Further, increasing your business leads and the chances of more conversion.


A lot of efforts and planning are required for an organization to become GDPR compliant but with the right approach things will be clear and simple. With the GDPR, ViitorCloud has truly hopes of becoming responsible and know that the data taken is not owned, it is loaned and is intended for the right use.