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Posted On : 22nd April, 2016 by ViitorCloud

It is now almost a week past WordPress 4.5 being launched still, we have heard lot of them complaining as WordPress 4.5 has broken everything. They have lost their theme or are facing designing issues. So we thought instead of posting about what’s new or features of WordPress 4.5 which was already posted nicely over here, we should focus on error’s and solution to fix them. Here you will find type of errors users similar to you face while upgrading to WordPress 4.5 and at the same time we have even listed out best solution provided at WordPress support forum. So let’s see which types of errors users are facing and how we can fix them. 

If you are one who has faced similar issue than here is the list of the things you need to do to resolve that particular issue:
  • Update your plugins & themes to the latest version available.
  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies and login again to your WordPress platform. Flush any caching plugin you might be running, remove any of server or browser caches, op cache or content network caches such as CloudFlare.
  • You can even do troubleshooting with your browser, it is one of the best way to identify any probable JavaScript issue or conflicts. With any such issue detected you or designer at your end can easily fix it.
  • De-activate all plugins and check whether all your issues are resolved if yes then start your plugins one after another to track which plugin is causing issue.
  • If you face any known theme issue and you are unable to login to change the theme then just delete the theme folder from server, by default you will be using Twenty Sixteen theme.
  • If any of the above solution are unable to fix your issue then download a fresh zip file of WordPress 4.5 and delete wp-content directory or your wp-config.php file and you will be able to fix the issue.

Apart from all above mentioned errors & fix, we have even detected few of them complaining about some sort of php or mysql database warning messages been displayed so we thought let us talk to the WordPress moderators and here goes there answer – “such errors and warning messages that originated from PHP and MYSQL database system were being hidden from the users this many days. i.e. they already existed in previous version but it is with WordPress 4.5 all such codes to hide any of probable errors were removed, so now you will be able to see such warnings message displayed that you may not have seen it previously”. Click here to read their in-depth conversation. At the same time they even disclosed that such warning message is usually seen in older hosting environments. If you come across with any such error or warning message ask your host provider to update their servers or you migrate to a better hosting system. This will resolve your issue.