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Posted On : 9th September, 2015 by ViitorCloud

From last one year, the excitement over the Google’s wearable gadget “Google Glass” is mounting. Google Glass is an innovative light-weight, voice control wearable smart device introduced by Google which enables users to connect with the world, surf the internet, take pictures, get directions and even control a wheelchair without requiring using their hands. As much this technology is exciting the tech savvy users of smart devices, equally it has become a topic of excitement among people with disabilities across the globe.

Google Glass is a powerful device which possesses huge potential to incorporate the supportive and assistive technology for those who are blind, deaf, disabled or even the people having cerebral palsy. However, it has been reported that Google Glass may not be currently accessible for people who have speech difficulties or the ones who use hearing aids.

Mark Perriello, the American Association for People with Disabilities’ CEO and President also mentioned that Google Glass possesses the colossal potential to transform the lives of the disabled people. He also spoke that though, not many people up till now have got the opportunity to use Google Glass, but the ones who have experienced this technology tool have found several features which is it highly user-friendly for the disabled people. Features like face recognition, potential for speech-to-text, and voice activated technology certainly make it is greatly helpful tool.

Following are some of the astounding features of Google Glass, which make it extremely helpful for the people with disabilities:

Voice Activated Commands

The voice activated commands offered by Google Glass are incredibly beneficial for the people with disabilities. The ability to use the device without using the hands allows paraplegics to perform a variety of tasks by simply speaking to the headset. They can do a number of online activities including making phone calls, taking pictures, getting directions, recording video, checking messages and sending messages etc.

Facial Recognition

Though facial recognition technology has been introduced by Google Glass, but several privacy concerns are not allowing it to become a highly useful feature. However, for individuals having vision impairment, facial and environmental recognition capabilities have the potential to radically improve and support their lifestyles. This technology can help its wearers to get alerts about their surroundings and in identifying people around them.

Clicking pictures with a wink of an eye

One of the latest upgrades in Google Glass has been the feature allowing users to click photographs with just a wink. For people having disabilities like paraplegia, this technology can bring back the joy of Videography and Photography.

All in all, the revolutionary software and hands-free factor allows people with disabilities to experience the world around them in unprecedented ways. Moreover, researchers hailing from a variety of fields are looking for different creative and innovative ways to use the Google Glass for improving and augmenting the natural capabilities of people with disabilities, including diseases like Autism. The motive of the researchers and technology developers is to add features that can improve hearing, vision and mobility for people having disabilities.