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Posted On : 21st September, 2016 by ViitorCloud

The exponential growth in the cloud computing and the benefits offered by it have already been well-documented. Right from enhancing the productivity among employees to giving the organizations an augmented set of capabilities for expanding their business, the benefits offered by cloud computing are incredible. While cloud computing has evolved as an indispensable part of today’s technology industry, innovations in this niche are still being pursued to make cloud computing even more advantageous.

The new innovations in the field of cloud are propelling it to the new levels and one of these breakthroughs in the cloud computing arena is the ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) processor. The inclusion of the ARM processors in the servers being used for cloud, may represent the next big leap in the cloud computing.

What are ARM Based Servers?

ARM, by AMD is a new class of processors that presents a superior alternative to the Intel’s x86 microprocessor architecture.ARM processors exhibit an alternative instruction set architecture which can potentially reduce the power usage by the computers and servers, the heat released by them and the overall costs.

Up till now, the ARM chips have been widely used for mobile devices, but the newly launched ARM v8 technology promises much for the servers and data centers. Introduced in 2011, the ARM architecture with a 64-bit instruction set is now all set to revolutionize the way enterprises use the computing technology. The cardinal focus of ARM based servers is on lowering the power consumption and heat dissipation. ARM technology powers the low-power, low-heat and the low-cooling servers.

How ARM based Servers Will Transform today’s Technology and Business Models?

ARM offers a scalable technology platform which can be configured to target the diverse application and business needs in the data-centers such as rapid cloud built out and efficient web-scale workloads. The ecosystem partner collaboration of ARM delivers a standardized as well as an advanced platform while maintaining the opportunity to innovate the solutions as per the varying data center workloads.

Here are some of the vital ways in which ARM is expected to transform the technology landscape.

Cloud Computing

With the evolution of ARM based servers, the cloud computing is expected to undergo huge changes. Cloud is amongst the most significant factors impacting the technology usage and business models today. Also, cloud is the major force disrupting the IT supply chain as the consumer behavior has become exceedingly dependent on the public cloud services. As a result, the businesses are quite dependent on the cloud companies for their reputation and revenue generation. In order to meet these new models, processors for the cloud servers have experience an array of challenges owing to the complexity created b multiple cores, several clusters, dense interconnection topologies and custom IP cores. Cloud infrastructure comprises of a spectrum of devices where the requisites vary and the hardware needs to be tuned for maximizing the efficiency to achieve higher performance-per watt.

Performance is greatly related to the power consumption and the ARM based servers offer astounding performance with lower consumption of power. ARM technology offers the best solutions for the energy-efficient tasks where processing needs to be carried out on the elements spread of multiple cores and are highly paralleled. For instance, processing the Big Data through the distributed programs including Hadoop.

Big Data Processing

There is a wide array of tasks that consume high power owing to the complexities experienced in processing such as Big Data analytics. ARM technology offers an ideal solution for the power intensive operations as it provides exceptional energy-efficiency. The 64-bit processors in the ARM technology are capable of performing certain operations more quickly as compared to a 32-bit chip, and thus, use very less power while delivering high efficiency and lesser heat output.

Also, as the ARM processors are based on RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computing), they do not require the extra logic gates and transistors for performing the complex instructions. Fewer transistors imply less energy consumption.

IoT (Internet of Things)

ARM processors are expected to play a significant role in the growth of IoT, especially when it comes to providing an ideal environment for testing the utilization of a large number of internet-connected devices.

With lower costs and greater energy efficiency, the ARM-based servers will play a considerable role in transforming the current business models and in innovating the technology landscape. In time, the ARM-based servers will help the cloud evolve in a way that it would be able to help businesses in several new fascinating ways. While these may not replace the x86 processors completely, but will give the conventional processors a big set-back.

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