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Posted On : 6th August, 2016 by ViitorCloud

Companies, whether big or small, are increasingly understanding the significance of Big Data and how it can be used in different industrial niches to drive value. While, Big Data has been around as one of the key digital trends, but it has garnered unimaginable importance in the last couple of years owing to its capability of delivering useful insights. In fact, several enowned brands are boasting about the use of Big Data to improve their digital marketing campaigns.

What is Big Data?

Today, we live in a world which is increasingly being driven by data. Big Data refers to the colossal collection of structured and unstructured data which is collected from a variety of sources, including social media, mobile data, crowdsourcing, web mining and many more. The digital revolution has resulted in a collection of very high volumes of data that can be leveraged by industry experts in a number of ways for enhancing and improving their services. This digital data is broadly termed as Big Data owing to the characteristics subsuming volume, diversity, variety and velocity.

Big Data and Digital Marketing

Like other industries that are using Big Data for developing better customer insights and improve their services, Digital Marketing is also utilizing the power of Big Data for augmenting the understanding of customers and make the services, more customer oriented. As per a recent survey conducted by 2nd Watch, the response of 86% of the respondents was oriented towards the usage of Big Data in Digital Marketing. They said that their organization is either leveraging or is planning to use the Big Data for supporting their Digital Marketing efforts. The report also illustrated the top uses of Big Data in Digital marketing and these include:

  • 29% – For better understanding the customer insights
  • 18% – For improving the supply chain
  • 16% – For powering promotions and campaigns

Big Data can act as the fuel in the Digital marketing for driving the success and thus, the significance of this data can’t be overlooked. The large enterprises such as Amazon, Nike and many more have started harnessing the power of Big Data and are acting as the inspirations for their businesses who are planning to include Big Data analytics in their marketing strategy.

Here are the top 5 brands which are using the Big Data to in different and innovative ways to deliver better customer services.


McDonalds uses Big Data in a number of ways and has incorporated it in different manners in its digital marketing strategy to enhance its customer base. McDonalds, with presence in 118 countries and a daily traffic of 62 million customers has been using Big Data analytics for gaining even better insights into the behaviour of its customers for improving the operations at various stores while working on enhancing the customer experience. The Analytics system at McDonalds analyses the data about the different factors such as the order sizes, the information on the menu, wait times, the customers’ ordering patterns for optimizing the operations in the restaurants and for developing targeted marketing strategies emphasizing on personalized offers for customers.


The sports brand, Nike is using Big Data in a highly innovative manner. It is leveraging the Big Data analytics for developing the ecological designs for an array of products, including a no-water dye technique, which as the name suggests does not require any water.

The Nike’s vice-president of sustainable business and innovation, Hannah Jones calls Big Data as the “Smart Data” owing to its capability of providing useful insights that can be used for introducing innovation in their products and offerings. The Big Data based techniques including Scenario Planning, Future Casting and Data Analysis have helped the brand find ways to give shape to its vision pertaining to decoupling growth from the constrained resources such as water and fossil fuels.

While Nike has not used Big Data in the conventional manner for supporting their Digital marketing efforts, but, they leveraged the power of Big Data in R & D to introduce innovations that can help them improve their customer service and achieve even higher customer satisfaction.


Amazon uses the Big Data for customer segmentation and to develop personalized marketing plans for its customers. When any user logs on to the Amazon, the products which are recommended to them are completely different from the products recommended to some other person, and this happens because of the customer segmentation.

Every time when the user logs in his/her Amazon account, and browses the products on the website for purchase, the information is stored by the website. Next time, when the customer returns, they are offered a specific array of products based on their browsing history and previous search. This also helps the Amazon to determine information about the diverse trends about the people who make similar purchases. For instance, if 70% of people who bought a Samsung Galaxy smartphone also bought a power bank, then the Amazon will automatically recommend the power bank to the person buying a Samsung Galaxy smartphone in the future on the basis of the purchase trend of people. By segregating the customers on the basis of purchase patterns and their interests, Amazon offers its users more choices of products about which they might not even know about but would be interested to buy. This kind of targeted marketing efforts supported by Big Data helps the company to enhance its sales and ROI.

Vodafone Netherlands

Another Big Data use case is exhibited by the global premier wireless carrier giant, Vodafone Netherlands. Owing to its new capabilities, the company has been able to integrate the colossal amounts of customer data such as web history and social posts for analysing the customer behaviour. Vodafone Netherlands uses this data for generating valuable insights and a highly sophisticated view of the customers. These insights allow the digital marketing team to deliver personalized and highly relevant offers to the customers. The personalized offers enhance the chances of services being bought. Thus, Vodafone Netherlands has been using Big Data for for obtaining stronger digital marketing success in an innovative manner.


Dell uses the Big Data collected from various sources, including social media to enhance its closure rates and drive superior business results through targeted digital marketing efforts. With its sophisticated Big Data solutions, it enhances the prospects and customers view, in the real-time by tying the conventional records with email addresses and social media user names. Using this information, the computer maker offers its customers and prospects with personalized promotions. Big Data helps in developing insights on the basis of the expanded views which improve the propensity models and, in-turn makes the digital marketing campaigns more successful. As per the statistics released by Dell, prior to this new way of using the social data of customers, marketing efforts could only identify the names of about 33% of the customers who responded to their promotional programs. But, with the Big Data usage, accurate identification of 66% respondents has become possible and this is a huge leap.

The aforementioned use cases establish the fact that the Big Data is being progressively used by the companies to enhance the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns and drive more revenue through personalized marketing. Data is a big asset and most companies have started realizing its worth. Gradually, the number of companies leveraging the power of Big Data will increase in the future.

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