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Posted On : 27th July, 2016 by ViitorCloud


Digital evolution has impacted every industry and NGOS are no exception. In the recent years, we have witnessed a significant shift towards the digital channels and content. The proliferation of smart devices and the easy availability of internet has facilitated the businesses to reap the benefits of going digital. Today, everyone prefers to access information from online sources, shopping from ePortals and even study through eLearning courses. NGOs must also become a part of this digital revolution to gain colossal benefits which no other business strategy can deliver. NGO Website development, digital marketing and online donation collection are some of the top digital strategies that can aid a NGO to gain popularity and collect the funds required for its functioning.
Here are the top 5 reasons why an NGO must go digital

Wider Reach

A well-developed website supports the online presence and helps any business to get wider reach. A website is an incredible tool to spread awareness about your efforts, and seek volunteers who can join your NGO. Furthermore, a website is available round the clock, so the people who cannot access the NGO by phone or fax can get the required information through the website.

Enhanced Credibility

In order to garner popularity and gain followers, it is important for any organization to become credible. One of the best ways to enhance the credibility of your organization is by going digital. A website acts as a great tool to exhibit detailed information about your organization, to showcase the excerpts from the recent events and to distribute newsletters periodically.

For instance, the UK based NGO – Save the Children which is helping the underprivileged children in over 175 countries, found out that one of the issues they are facing is the quest for credibility. VittorCloud aided the organization with a comprehensive website having a user-friendly NGO website design capable of presenting the details of its events, campaigns and programs which are conducted for improving the children’s lives. It certainly helped the organization to gain credibility and garner appreciation.

Donations Collections

One of the most indispensable activities performed by the NGO volunteers is raising funds to support its efforts. While fund raising can be physically exhausting and time consuming, the problem can be easily solved by going digital. Digital collection of funds does not consumes much of the time and furthermore, if complemented with online marketing, can help in collecting much larger amounts of funds from the people hailing from different parts of the world without the need to reach them physically. A website and online marketing strategy can eliminate the geographical constraints for collecting funds.

Access to Social Media

In today’s world, that is dominated by Big Data and social media networks, no one can deny the role played by social media in giving any business a strong identity. Social media networks, such as Twitter and Facebook can help an NGOs to gain followers. Fortunately, the social networks offer innumerable opportunities to promote sound bites or clips, to create photo moments to promote the drives initiated by it. Social Media pages can help an NGO to gain popularity, awareness and supporters from different parts of the world. More and more people will associate with an NGO as they get to know about the initiatives being undertaken by it and no other channel can present your initiatives to a larger audience than social media.

Reach Your Prospects Through Digital Devices

One of the biggest advantages of going digital is that you can reach your prospects through the devices which they use the most. Today, people indulge with their smart phones and tablets for almost every task they do, whether it is paying the bills, look out for reliable information, connect with their friends & families or performing the day to day tasks. Thus, when an NGO goes digital, the chances of engaging their prospects increase considerably.

The aforementioned reasons ascertain the fact that websites and NGO portals are among the wisest investments that every NGO must make. Going digital can help an NGO in a number of ways and most importantly, can revolutionize the way it collects the funds. When the followers and supporters view how the money donated by them is being used through the picture galleries showcasing the pictures of the efforts pursued by an NGO, the credibility increases. Thus, if you own an NGO firm and still don’t possess a website, it’s the high time to get one developed.

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