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Posted On : 28th April, 2016 by ViitorCloud

“Successful Marketing Campaign Starts with Identifying Targeted Market, Targeted Audience and Knowing their Behaviors”

Whether it is an online marketing or an offline, it is necessary to define your target market and targeted audience before you even start preparing marketing strategy. Target market is nothing else but a group of customers who are ultimately the final end users of the products or services. Let us take an example of Brand Apple as how they identify & define their target market; teenagers, college and university students, business peoples, young children, kids, and adults become part of their targeted market. They even target each market with very specific products such as IPod among teenagers as they found this group of market like to socialize with friends, listen to music and go live on Facebook, twitter platform making it most relevant group for IPod similarly, College & university students and business people are targeted with MacBook’s & iPhones.

Market Research & Demographic Studies

Though defining targeted market is very first step in entire marketing and selling of products or services but even before it comes market research & demographic studies which is done with the help of sampling method i.e. instead of communicating and talking with each and every one of the market which is nearly impossible, few of them are selected and research is being performed on the basis of Geography, Age, Sex and Combination, we can even define it as a process of market targeting. The final output will be helpful to frame marketing strategy for product positioning. We have discussed here various marketing jargon namely sampling method, product positioning, targeted market ultimately all these process and activity is done to sell products or services.

Let’s Understand With Example: What Exactly Targeted Market & Targeted Audience Is?

We have already discussed enough about target market, now let’s see what makes a targeted audience. Basically targeted audience are a more specific group of people when compared with targeted market. Say for example: teenagers with an age group of 13 to 19 can be defined as targeted market whereas teenagers with an age group of 13 to 19 who are staying in Los Angles, California can be defined as targeted Audience. Number of times businesses utilize this term interchangeably but there is a huge difference between both which we can understand from above discussion. It is very much important for any businesses to define their targeted audience even before preparing marketing strategy. A careful study of targeted audience will ultimately result in successful marketing campaign. As we have seen the importance of collecting information about targeted audience so let us see how we can accomplish it.

How to Identify Targeted Market?

Though there are number of ways we can identify who are the real end users of our products or service, we can see some of more effective one. The basic and the very first step to identify targeted end users are to put over selves into customers shoe i.e. We as a customer should think what are our needs and in which situation we may require to consume such products or services. To clarify this concept let me give an example: Let’s assume we are an online hotel comparison website specialized in selling rooms in hotels with weekly rates. So it is obvious our end users will be those who are travelling and looking for hotels with more than 7 days stay. Construction workers, government employees and similar category may require to stay for long at any particular location will be looking for long stay hotels. Such a research are considered as a ground work or pillar for an entire marketing campaign.

How to Conduct Survey?

Once you are done with your basic research thereafter there are multiple ways to take it ahead, such as there are number of online survey websites such as survey monkey which help us to perform survey and learn more about our end users. Similarly we can even hire professionals to conduct survey on behalf of us. After deciding who your targeted audience are, it is necessary to learn more about them such as which websites they visit frequently?, Are they at available at Facebook? Or else which social networking website they use to connect with their friends? Are they addicted to Apps? Such an information will later help us to prepare entire marketing strategy for targeted audience.


Identifying target market & targeted audience are at core of entire marketing campaign. Once you have identified your targeted audience learn their online & offline behavior to successfully create marketing strategy.