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Posted On : 26th August, 2016 by ViitorCloud

If you own a smart phone or a tablet, wear a fit bit or are planning to buy a smart watch, then the IoT phenomenon has already started impacting your life in many more ways than you think. Not just your life, but it is making its presence felt in various aspects of life and business. IoT is not a buzzword anymore, instead, it is going to be one of the most deployed technologies in the next few years.

What is Internet of Things?

The IoT (Internet of Things) is a catchphrase for the entire network of devices which are either connected with cloud, the internet or both, and are capable of not just communicating with each other but also gathering data about the users while interacting with the environment that surrounds them. These devices, when coupled with search engines and advanced applications possess the capability to perform increasingly complex tasks across the network of connected devices, while creating an intuitive, entertaining and useful experience for their users.

Potentially, internet connectivity and sensors are being introduced to a large array of devices. However, in order to become an integral part of IoT network, these devices need the ability to contextualize and translate the raw data in a way which is useful to people. IoT is expected to generate colossal data from the multiple objects and aggregate it quite fast. This presents an opportunity for the businesses to leverage this data in diverse, meaningful ways to enhance their customers’ understanding and service while improving their offerings.

The Contemporary Era of Digital Marketing

One of the business aspects which have undergone complete transformation owing to the digital concepts, is the marketing. Digital Marketing has become the best and most widely used forms of marketing, and is known to deliver the most measurable results for businesses worldwide and across the different industry verticals.

Today, digital marketing leverages the vast data collected from different sources to derive insights pertaining to the user behaviour, customer sentiment analysis and what consumers think about a specific brand. The pace with which digital marketing is enhancing its reach and supporting the businesses, and the way its using technologies such as Big Data, the answers to the following two underlying questions will be revisited.

How businesses will reach their customers?

The conventional media based marketing has lost its edge over the digital marketing quite a long time back. So, as a business if you are not using the digital channels to market your products and reach your customers, you are certainly missing some of the most efficacious ways of marketing in today’s era that’s driven by digital technology. The digital channels are generating more paradigmic shifts than ever. As a result, the companies must put the customer behaviour under constant analysis to gain valuable insights.

How businesses will reach the other businesses?

There are a large number of businesses which choose to offer their products and services to other businesses instead of directly to the customers. In the era of digital marketing, SEO and SMO can greatly support the businesses who are seeking clients. As IoT gains momentum, having a search engine optimizer is really going to pay.

How IoT will impact Digital Marketing?

IoT is going to have a significant impact over the digital marketing methodologies and its scope. At its core, IoT is all about a myriad of sensors which transmit live data to the servers or cloud in order to fetch the real-time feedback and deeper insights which can help the businesses make better and faster decisions.

First of all, IoT is expected to augment the sophistication and the number of touch points, both with customers and the other businesses. More devices and objects connected to the internet will become the sources of more opportunities to interact through the digital channels. Amalgamated with an ever increasing comprehension of customer behaviour through the comprehensive data usage, the higher number of the contact points will enable the market to better target their potential customers while better tailoring the interactions throughout the digital marketing funnel.

Secondly, the organic traffic attracted by the company websites will experience considerable change, along with the efforts of search engines to incorporate the huge amount of data which it entailed. SEO will start playing even more pivotal role than today in the routines of marcom agencies and digital departments, as the websites will need to adapt themselves to the search engine evolutions at a much swifter pace.

Another significant way in which IoT will impact the Digital Marketing is the way customers are targeted. Owing to the data collected by sensors, there would be a possibility to derive more accurate insights about customer behaviour and these insights would be used by marketers to better develop personalized campaigns and automate some aspects of it to deliver the best results. The automation will change the entire landscape of the Digital Marketing.

Conclusively, the contribution of IoT in digital marketing would be far beyond the tailored offers, personalized marketing, precise targeting and user interaction. A tsunami of valuable data has started to crash upon the enterprises due to IoT, and only the organization who have proper plans in place to capitalize these opportunities would be able to sustain viably in the future.

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