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Posted On : 28th October, 2021 by ViitorCloud

Keeping in mind the rapidly growing technology and the changes taking place, we can predict that in the future all the events will happen with the help of technology. It is estimated that by 2030 this industry will go up to about $ 30 billion. As technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are growing rapidly, they will soon capture a huge market size here.

However, giving a real experience to the user is not an easy task, whether you are talking about virtual reality games or hosting an event, it is a very difficult task in both cases. The attendees of today’s events want something different from the usual experiences that they can enjoy. To impress this kind of audience, we need to do something extraordinary, so that we can grab the attention of the people. People also constantly expect experiences from us that can enlighten and inspires them

Making the audience feel something unexpected and unusual becomes a memorable moment for them. With the help of this, they remember even a simple moment as a memorable one. If technology is used in the right way, it can prove to be very helpful for any event.

Let us know about some such techniques with the help of which the experience can be made even better :

  1. 3D Mapping Projection

    Many things can be represented more creatively through 3D technology. Through 3D videos, 3D Images any event can be made even more spectacular and memorable. Its specialty is that it can be projected on any surface. Through 3D technology, we are also able to create dramatic effects. By using this attractive technique, you can make the organization of any event even more attractive and spectacular.

  2. Ambient Interactivity

    When we take both physical and digital interactions to the next level, it is called Ambient Interactivity. Through this, the user can understand it more easily and it is the best technique to do event marketing. The technology with the help of which we can establish Ambient Interactivity is nothing but Artificial Intelligence. It is a group of complex algorithms that can perform certain programs automatically.

    In the early stages, artificial intelligence only interacted with physical objects such as windows, doors, tables, walls, etc. But as the enhancement is happening, its service area is also increasing. Artificial Intelligence is now almost capable of interacting with all kinds of users and gradually it is improving itself.

    Through this technology, we will be able to do many things without humans. The main purpose of artificial intelligence is to replace humans and get them to work with the help of machines, in which the machines themselves can also take decisions.

  3. Augmented Reality

    Augmented Reality has grown very fast in the last few years and it is growing continuously. According to a report by Eventbrite, more than 90% of people are in favor of this technology. The game Pokémon Go made in this technology went viral in the early days of its launch. The success of this game was so much that it had overtaken Twitter in a few days. It was a single how much more profitable to use which technology could be. Many event managers are in favor of this technology, through this technology they can make their venue like heaven. There is no such task that is not possible with the help of technology, so it is in high demand, and almost all event managers want to adopt it.

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  5. Virtual Reality

    As the world is rapidly progressing with technology, in the same way Virtual Reality has also gained a lot of popularity. Virtual reality is being used nowadays in almost all commercial areas and big events, with the help of these people, are shown a world that is not real but they can still see it. Here it takes us one step ahead of time and is rapidly increasing the way we live our lives. Virtual reality filters are also popping up on a lot of social media. This technique is also used to play many games, if it is used in the event then it will be much more beneficial and effective. With the help of this, it will be easy to explain and people will not forget easily.

  6. Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is a rapidly growing technology that helps us to improve our experience, even more. There are many sub-branches of AI that perform different tasks. Artificial intelligence is a parent category in which many tasks can be done. With its help, many complex tasks can be done easily in a pinch and with accuracy, it also helps in attracting the attention of the user, using AI in any way will be beneficial.

  7. Drones and Transportation

    As technology progresses, we have got a lot of new gadgets, the main of which is drones. Drones were used only for video shooting, but now we have many domes available for delivery as well. It has been tested in many countries. and many countries are working very fast on it. Handling and managing the logistics industries will become much easier with its help. Through Virtual Reality technology, we can enjoy the drone in many games too, to give a better and better experience, all this technology helps us a lot so that the user never wants to leave.

All these technologies are bringing rapid changes in our lives and are also beneficial for us in many ways. With their help, a lot of work gets done easily and we get a better experience. Technology is making our life much easier and also speeds up our work. If technology is implemented properly then it is beneficial for us. In this rapidly growing era, technology has also gained momentum and changed the way we live. In the future, we will get to see even better technology which will make our life easier. We hope that technology should never harm us.