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Posted On : 29th December, 2016 by ViitorCloud


The technological advances, specifically in the mobile technology, have impacted our lives in multiple ways. Checking news online, paying utility bills through apps and shopping groceries using mobile phones has become our reality. The mobile technology and the diverse utility oriented apps have become a mainstream medium, as every person is using them in numerous manners.
Today, every business organization is trying to enhance its reach and augment its customer base by leveraging methodologies such as mobile apps based marketing, mobile service delivery and cross-device targeting. The businesses who are able to deliver satisfactory services to their customers through the mobile channels are gleaning measurable results. Thus, every industry, including “hospitality” can benefit from the mobility revolution in many dissimilar ways.

Significance of Mobile Apps for Hospitality Providers

Nowadays, travelers always prefer to travel with the mobile gadgets such as their smart phone, tablets etc. One of the biggest reasons for this is these devices not only provide entertainment during travelling and keep people connected with the rest of the world, but also prove quite helpful while one is trying to explore a new place or a new country.

In 2012, over 80% of the leisure travelers used the smartphones and tablets during their vacation, and about 38% of them explicitly accessed resourceful travel information through these devices. Increasingly, people these days prefer to book their air tickets, rail tickets, hotels and much more using their mobile devices. The apps offered by the airlines, hotels and other businesses make it easier for users to make their bookings, pay the money and get hassle free travel experience.Customers use the different types of apps every day to make online travel bookings, find lucrative deals, seek places where they can visit & spend money and read the reviews by other customers.
So, if you are operating in the hospitality industry and still don’t offer your services through an app, you are surely losing innumerable business opportunities which can significantly increase your ROI. Moreover, the apps can provide ways to stay connected with the customers, have an ongoing dialogue and act as a robust tool for maintaining the relationship with with them without requiring to use the emails and newsletters.
Following are some vital ways which signify importance factors of mobile apps for the Hospitality industry to enhance their business and strengthen their bond with their customers while attracting the prospects.

Mobile Apps Can Make the Hospitality Services Easily Accessible

Most people believe that mobile apps possess significant potential, and if they are utilized in pioneering ways, they can greatly help in making the hospitality services easily accessible to the customers worldwide.
With a mobile app, any business operating in the hospitality sector can offer and market its services to a wider range of audiences, and by providing easier ways to access the services, it can attract the interest of the customers. Customers always look for hassle free ways to make bookings, access services and save time. So, an app which can serve the customers on these three aspects can become quite successful for businesses vying for more customers.

POS Systems

POS systems, when used as the mobile app for hospitality industry, can aid in delivering amazing customer service. When the POS (Point Of Sales) systems operate as the mobile apps, they facilitate mobile & cashless transactions, scalable to any business size.
The payment systems which support online mobile payment with the functionalities like splitting of bill and offering rewards to the customers can help any business operating in the hospitality industry enhance its recognition and popularity among customers. Ease of payment is the key to increase your customer base.

Multi Channel Communication

The hospitality apps allow the integration of the diverse communication channels, such as push notifications or the social media connections. Thus, using these apps the hospitality business organizations can always stay connected with their customers while providing them updated information and relevant offers.
Also, using the app, the customers get the opportunity to directly contact the organization, and find out the solutions to their queries. This, in turn, enhances the trust of the organization among the customers and helps the organization to deliver excellent customer service. A hospitality app is not limited to one or two communication channels, but offers numerous ways for improved communication with the customers.

Competitive Advantage

Mobile apps offered by the companies operating in the hospitality industry such as hotels are still very rare. While one can find general apps offering hotel and air travel booking functionalities, but specific hotels don’t offer their individual apps. When a hotel launches its app, it can certainly enhance its business and get a considerable competitive advantage over its counterparts. Not only guests can use the app while booking the rooms or planning their trip, but also when they have arrived at the hotel, they can use the app in multiple ways. It can greatly help the hotel to enhance its customer service and loyalty among its patrons. Moreover, the daily deals communicated through the app can prove quite beneficial for both, the hotel and the customers.

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