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Posted On : 9th April, 2022 by ViitorCloud

It is very popular in the world of the web and is becoming popular very fast. It is used by many top multinational companies. If you also want to build a website or are thinking about it, then you must have heard about Progressive Web Application. This is the latest ‘buzzword’ that is spreading all around us.

There are already many articles and articles about Progressive Web Applications. But reading them and understanding them can sometimes be difficult due to heavy words. Today we are going to tell you in very easy language what is Progress A Web Application actually. And some such things about Progressive Web Application that you need to know.

  1. What is a Progressive Web Application?

    It is a term that is not used to denote software development technology. The progressive web application is a hybrid version of web pages and mobile applications as compared to traditional applications. This application model tries to combine the features provided by modern web browsers and the experience of mobile applications.

    The progressive web application is mainly a type of application that runs on the browser. It is created with the help of HTML CSS and JavaScript. You must have seen on many websites that the option of Add to Home Screen comes, this is possible with the help of Progressive Web Application.

    Whenever we open a website on our mobile phone, Progress a web application is triggered. And when we click on add to the mobile screen then it gets installed on our mobile phone by creating an extension with related HTML CSS JavaScript.

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  3. Why Progressive Web Application is necessary?

    As the popularity of the website is increasing, the number of mobile applications is also increasing. It is only a friend that every person will download the mobile application of the website he visits. According to a survey, 50% of American users do not install almost a single mobile application in a month. In such a situation, it becomes very important that some technique is devised to maintain user retention.

    The progressive web application is a lightweight application that can be easily installed. In this, the user does not even need to install any application from the App Store, rather it gets installed in a single click from the web browser itself. It does not even occupy so much storage, but the size of the application is only a few kb.

    This proves to be very helpful in increasing user acquisition and further widening the conversion rate ratios. With the help of the Progress Saver web application, we can convert faster and it is much more than downloading the mobile applications.

  4. What are the advantages of Progressive Application?

    Progressive application has many advantages which are as follows: Progressive application is very lightweight it supports both android and ios platforms. Its biggest advantage is that it can be run offline as well. The progressive web application also supports web push notifications. This is the only app that can be used everywhere and we also get the support of Google Adsense in it. It is not even necessary to have knowledge of many programming languages ​​to make it.



We cannot say that Progressive Application is better and more effective than Native Application. But still, from the point of view of the community, more people are showing interest in web applications. The progressive application also has so much potential that it can provide a better experience to the people. If you are also wanting to download a web application, then our suggestion to you would be to use Progressive Web Application.