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Posted On : 2nd September, 2015 by ViitorCloud

With advent in technology, the world is getting more & more attracted towards Digital World. This one factor has hugely impacted the business world which resulted in every business, no matter small scale or large scale business, to move towards making an impactful online presence thus making a well-developed user friendly website the core for an online presence.

In fact, as per a survey recently, every year, customers are increasingly turning towards online services. The retailers & businesses that are having both online presence and physical storefront have reported a growth of nearly 23%. So whether you are having any small-business or any global corporation, maintaining a strong online-presence is a need at present times of escalating digitalization. BUT QUESTION IS WHAT TO START WITH? Here’s the answer:

It all starts with a well developed website. A clear, striking & user friendly website is amongst the most proficient and gainful ways to make leads for the businesses, especially if it is built & marketed correctly. With this article we, at ViitorCloud, try to provide people around the world with handy tips that one can use to improve their business website. So, here are some best tips for improving website for your business that will help you for getting online success in ever growing online market:

Responsive Design

More than 50 percent of all the searches begin on any mobile device. Thus if the business your have isn’t showing mobile-friendly experiences to your customers, then you have missed a huge number of opportunities for your new business. Mobile-friendly means that the existing website of your business grows & shrinks according to the actual size of device it is displayed on, that is called responsive-design. You could have any separate mobile-version of your site as well, though a responsive website design is considered to be superior for search-engine-optimization.

Fresh Content

Just like a shop changes its window-display each month, you must often have fresh-content on your landing pages and homepage. People do not want to witness the same object over & over. It’s also significant to provide visitors the facility to share the content of your site. This allows the user to be your utmost marketing ambassadors. Their sharing also aids your SEO.

Another vital factor is that copied content has been strictly criticized by global search engines. So do take services from a professional content writer to serve the task.

User Performance Metrics

Business owners should know how the users perform on their sites—this is vital data you require for your online-business. There is an easy way to find-out this important information & it’s free! It is known as Google-Analytics. This user-friendly tool will inform you full user performance on your website, which will assist you modify your online assistance. Another fine tool is Crazy Egg, which shows the heat-map of your website and details accurately where the users click. There are many more such online tools available online. Gathering these information & figures will allow you to make effective pages & eventually, higher sales.

But be certain to evaluate your analytics once in a month, at least.

Concise Messaging

There’s a diverse mindset & level of interest when reading any website as matched up to any print-document. Long text boring blocks with little print & zero graphics can turn any consumer off. Online, you must get to the main point quickly & use larger type. The visitors will come to you for solving their problem, that’s why your website needs to answer their entire question fast and easily.

Layered Landing-Pages

Driving customers towards your homepage will be great, but to direct them towards landing pages which drill-down deeper in the website is more valuable. Most businesses proffer a range of products & services & need landing-pages for each type of product & service. That’s the only method to build existence inside that market.

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