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Posted On : 29th September, 2017 by ViitorCloud

In this age of technology, we have seen many startups with great ideas, results into big brands impacting our day to day life in one or another way. Startup such as Oyo rooms, Weekly Hotels and there are many which change how we travel or book hotels online. If we talk about Facebook to LinkedIn, they have changed the way we communicate and share things with friends. Though this cycle of a technology-based startup is not going to end in near future as each day, we see a new startup with different ideas being launched.

Businesses today leverage technology up to a greater extent for anything that builds up their market values, and enhances operations and performance. Consequently, the lightning fast speed at which the industry is evolving impacts hugely businesses of all kinds and size.

For businesses, nowadays, preserving identity is a big challenge while keeping up with the pace at which digital-scape is progressing and adapting to what’s happening next.

Perhaps the biggest innovation is about changing the views for customer experience for the digital-scape. That change in digital-scape is known as UX – User Experience, and on the World Wide Web, it’s triggered by the UI – User Interface.

Forrester Research conducted a recent study, which stats, that a well-designed UI is capable of raising your website’s conversion rate up to 200%, and a better UX design is capable of generating conversion rates up to 400%. (Need to purchase report to see results)

Recognizing that UX design substantially changes the face of their business is acceptable by some brands to convert visitors into customers immediately. But for those who are reluctant to change, it can take a new perspective with an explanation, solid facts and a refreshed review of the digital-scape.

Metrics Measuring Methods

In recent years, productive utilization of UI/UX has set a plenty of companies ahead of their competitors.

Still, is an investment in these modern practices of Web development deserves the high outlays that often comes with them? Does the improvement of UI/UX offer businesses the right ROI – return on their investment or is it nothing more than just money waste?

The way to recognize that how UI & UX affect Business ROI is by using concrete metrics measuring methods. As a business owner, you should not just know that what your buyers are buying on your website, but also of how they interact with your website.

Selling a great product won’t simply do, you need to ensure that your site isn’t confusing. As precise as ROI is usually measured in dollars, there are some, less reliable value metrics are the keys to take a site from being OK to being excellent.

Two kinds of usual metrics are there, one that can be and that can’t be measured in dollars –

Money Metrics
  • Money earned
  • Money saved
Value metrics
  • # shares on social media
  • Organic Growth
  • Visitor Count
  • Return Visits
  • User Loyalty
  • Brand Visibility
  • Referrals
  • Mentions & Comments

The conclusion over ROI is that to track its progress; information is must need. To track your business ROI – to know whether you are getting it or not from the investment that you are putting on your website, you MUST track the metrics.

Track no area leaving behind, as it will help you decide where and whether you should put your time and money or not. Tracking these metrics begin before you perform any website changes, as you need to get a before and after picture.

To some degree, these metrics can be seemed as largely different relying on what type of business you run, yet what remains intact is that the value metrics advances the money metrics. Usefully rendering the power of those value metrics makes your site outstanding, and what delivers your ROI. Surprisingly, UI/UX are all about tracking value metrics.

Positive UX = Achieve More ROI

Now that you’re ready to embrace the impact that UI/UX have on your business ROI, you’ll find that there is a huge similarity between these two factors.

Always remember that Internet is more than just a simple method of communication – on the whole, it’s an experience for a user. Consequently, every single attribute of your website from the embedded media, to the style with which the images and text appear, to the growing importance of physical inputs such as when users swipe, tap and hold and click.

Due to the immensity and cutthroat competition on the Internet, the value proposition that businesses are bothered with is no longer linked simply to the selling product but also to the approach that a customer’s UI results in an emotional response.

You are not selling the product then just selling it, it’s the simplicity with which the user can reach it on the web. The more quickly and willingly an end user can get to the product or service that your website functions for, the more are the chances that they will stick around and share it with others.

And this the most crucial and fascinating thing that makes UI/UX so incredibly important to ROI.

Enhancing UI & UX with a check on ROI

Hiring a UI or UX Designer is certainly the best practice, and beneficially serves small businesses as well as the bigger brands.

Enhancing your UI/UX can be mere a great solution, though the results can be shockingly surprising. Rather deciding to do this on your own, it’s better first to get a check of your website by asking people about it who can be colleagues or friends even your employees and users too.

A simple and honest survey positively results for the UI/UX improvements. Consider the websites you appreciate using them. What is so impressive about them that makes it attractive and user-friendly?

Beginning with small steps for UI/UX improvements ensures that your business acquires positive ROI. Website evaluation is necessary to smooth the user interaction and deliver an excellent user experience. Don’t complicate it by over fancying with undesirable elements.

It is crucial to embrace that UI/UX means the enhancements to your website that take your business to the next level, making changes to the framework that already existed. Additional fewer changes in UX enables you to spend only on the exact requirements to ensure that the return is profitable.

ViitorCloud Technologies as creative digital solution Provider Company specializes in web designing and UI/UX strategies. We are focused on delivering digital experiences that are integrated and whole, addressing both content and conversion prospects.

Most of our business clients who involve our team for website designing, look for a revenue-driving product, but only a few know that much their business growth rate can get better with an influential UX.

Only a second it takes to influence a customer who visits your website; it is necessary to invest in UX optimization to quickly build trust, brand awareness and secure user retention. As a strategic design and digital team, we value this to be true.

The more you convert your user’s incredible experience into profit, more you’ll be able to invest in the life and continuity of your business website. Further, more users join in and prefer your services, and your reach expands. UI and UX improvements are two critical steps to get the most out of your business website and serves as an excellent prospect.

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