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Posted On : 3rd March, 2021 by ViitorCloud

Today almost every brand has its app that promotes its products and services. The competition has increased that poses a challenge for the brands to reach out to a larger audience. For staying ahead of your competitors, you need to build a mobile app that stands out from the rest. There are over a million applications available on the app stores. But not all of them are successful. About thousands of applications fail every year. What is the reason that while some apps become successful, others fail? What are the features that make a mobile app successful? We will answer these questions in this blog.

The inherent nature of smartphones makes them one of the best tools at our disposal. Today, people prefer to use a mobile application as compared to mobile websites. Thus, it becomes necessary that you provide the best experience to the consumers using your app. On an average, a smartphone user installs about 25-30 apps but uses hardly 3-4 frequently. It should not be surprising to note that the majority of the apps installed by any user are usually the top-rated ones. So what can you do to build a successful app for your brand or business? The answer is pretty clear! You need to develop a user-friendly app that is fast and efficient. You can Hire Android App developer for developing a good app on Android OS.

At the same time, you need to understand that your mobile app cannot be successful overnight. You will have to keep refining and updating it regularly for enhancing the user experience and becoming successful. This blog presents the top ten key ingredients for a successful mobile app that you need to keep in mind.

  1. App usefulness.

    A person will use your app only if it offers something useful. Be clear as to how your app can help simplify the life of your users. Develop an original app or else an enhanced version of your competitor’s app. You need to have a clear vision of the purpose of your app. If it has no such use, users will not even consider downloading it from the play stores. Forget about them using it.

    Research and try to understand the needs of the market and how your app can help with it. Once you develop your app, keep a tab on the pain points that your users may go through while using your app. Get rid of those pain points at the earliest.

  2. The simplicity of the app.

    A good app is user-friendly, has an intuitive flow and relevant features. A simple and easy to navigate app is more appealing than a fancy app with complex and irrelevant features. A user will not hesitate to abandon an app that is difficult to use. For any mobile app to be successful, the user experience plays a crucial role.

    If the users need to spend too much time trying to understand how to use your app, they will get fed up. This may result in them leaving the app before even using it. People prefer a simple app with a convenient user interface and easy navigation.

  3. Offer your app for free.

    Who does not like free stuff? Well! Everyone does. This same thing is applicable for free apps as well. To get a large user base, provide your app for free so that people can test it out and see if they like it. Almost all mobile applications are available for free at least at first. Do not assume by giving out your app for free will guarantee success. It just helps increase the number of people who try your app.

    You do not have to worry about not making money by offering a free app. It just helps you get users and hook them to your app. If users feel your app is good, then a lot of them will be willing to pay for the in-app purchases to access the premium content. Some of them may even consider buying an ad-free version of your app.


  4. Android &iOS compatible app.

    iOS and Android are the two most popular smartphone operating systems (OS). For the success of your app, it should be compatible with both the OS. You can do this effectively by using a cross-platform app development framework. Such a platform helps reduce the time and money needed for developing an app. For developing an apple for iOS platform, HireiOS app developer.

  5. Make your app content available offline as well.

    Most of the mobile apps need Internet connectivity. Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the Internet. But it’s good to offer your app content and features offline as well. That lets your users have a positive experience even when they cannot connect to the internet due to some reasons. What if an app user is in train and there is a constant fluctuation in the internet connectivity?The user may have trouble accessing the content of your app. So, for enhancing the user experience, it is better to make the content available offline as well.

  6. Update your app periodically.

    After delivering your app to the people, you must make sure to maintain it regularly. It has been observed that a significant amount of app users stop using an app if it crashes, freezes, or has bugs and glitches constantly.

    In a constantly changing scenario, you can stay ahead of your competitors by adapting quickly as per the changes in an app user’s needs and behaviour. Keep updating your app and bring new releases to fix the bugs and glitches and introduce new features. See to it that your app is always up-to-date. By doing so, you will enhance the user experience and thus ensure better retention.

  7. Define the core-feature of your app.

    The best apps are the ones that focus on only one thing and do it very well. You will never find such apps cluttered with irrelevant content and features. Keep your idea unique and identify what your app can offer to the users, which other apps cannot. Make that idea the core-feature of your app and focus on it. Once you are clear about the core feature, try to keep enhancing and optimizing it.

    Adding too many features may look like a nice idea, but it isn’t. It just helps the app developers to elevate their app value. Adding too many extra features will just make the app complex for users to understand and use. Users need a simple way to solve their problems.

  8. Get your marketing strategy in place.

    Say, you develop the best app with the best set of features and functionality. But what is the point if no one knows about your app? There is no point in developing an app that no one uses. That is where marketing comes into the picture. You should have in place a solid marketing plan that will help you target the potential app users. It is always better to get people talking about your app before you roll it out. Plan out the marketing activities in three phases: pre-launch, launch and post-launch. You will need to leverage all the popular social media channels for running your marketing ad campaigns.

  9. Arrange for a feedback channel.

    A feedback channel lets your app users give a review of the performance and usefulness of your app. That will help you understand the customer pain points. An in-app feedback channel enables direct communication with the users. Also, by doing so you not just enable communication with your users but also prevent them from posting negative reviews about your brand or flaws on public platforms. You can use these feedbacks to improve your app and stay ahead of your competitors.

    Ensure a better communication with the users so that they get the help they need on time. This enhances the user experience and thus increases app engagement.

  10. Provide a personalized user experience.

    A majority of the users prefer a personalized experience while using any app. You can leverage the profile data of your users to provide them with personalized content. By delivering such tailor-made experiences, you increase brand engagement and conversion. An app should provide custom experiences based on geography, preferences and user habits.That will ensure user engagement and the success of your app.

    The success of any app will depend on the strategy you choose. Also, you need to keep your app up-to-date to stay ahead of the competition. Finally, its success will depend on the value it offers to its users. It is necessary to take care of all the mentioned points while developing your app.

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