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Posted On : 14th February, 2022 by ViitorCloud

Do you want to launch any new software service, or do you want to give a new look to your old application through digital transformation? One of the special things about technology is that it is constantly changing. Whether your application is old or not, it always needs to be updated and upgraded. Therefore, in such a situation it becomes very important that you choose the right platform.

Although we have a lot of frameworks and programming languages available, unfortunately, it will not be right to compare which one is better among them. It is not correct at all to compare PHP vs. Ruby vs. Dot Net vs. Python among themselves. Everyone has their own merits and all do excellent work in their respective fields. We have to choose according to our needs which technology will be more suitable for us.

After doing a lot of research, and talking to many CTOs, we have brought you some technical information that is very important for you to know. Also, we will tell you why Laravel is the first choice of CTOs. And how it will help you deliver good and secure technology solutions in 2022.

  1. Features Rich

    Laravel follows the best approach to programming. Its coding method is very clean, which is understandable even for new developers. In this, developers have the freedom to use the microservices architecture according to their own needs. There are many great features in Laravel which help the developer a lot and make their work easier such as authentication module, testing, queue, events, and the templating engine.

  2. Secure and Performant

    Laravel is very fast in the field of performance, here we are not only talking about speed but we are also calculating how quickly the automated actions are taken. Installing the driver by itself, etc., gets done faster in this. This is the very latest technology so that no security issue of any kind will be seen in it. It gives very good performance results and is also top in the field of security.

  3. Community Support

    Laravel is the most popular PHP framework in the Github community. There are many third-party plugins and composer libraries available for this. It is also easier to add a library to it than other programming languages. This is the most trending framework, so it is being liked by a lot of people. We get the most support in Laravel as compared to other programming languages. This is the reason that even beginning developers can easily take help in this and start working after learning.

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  5. Developer Satisfaction

    Developers will always want that the framework and programming language they are using should be convenient for them and the interface should be easy to understand. Because the code has to be written for a long time, the boring interface can bother them. Laravel has a solution to this problem. Developers like the kind of tools library and interface given in this framework. That’s why day by day it’s famous was increasing and all the people want to use this technology. It has become the first choice of the developer and is taking growth very fast.

  6. Cloud-Agnostic

    Web applications created in Laravel can be deployed anywhere. We have successfully deployed this on Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Gov.UK PaaS platforms with different types of databases from RDS, MSSQL, or PostgreSQL. So this means that it will work with all irrespective of the posting policy of the company. This feature is quite beneficial.



In this way, you get to know how important it is to adopt new technology. The increasing popularity of Laravel day by day is due to the features provided in it. The biggest reason CTO’s trust Laravel is that it is developer-friendly, secure, and latest. So if you also want to stay up to date with technology then start your project in this programming language.